Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bodices are AWESOME

Um. These are just some recent pictures of bodices we made. Since we were making them for me to model, I sewed them into serious hourglasses. My body doesn't look like that normally....at all. Although, wouldn't that be lovely? *sigh* Okay, I weigh freaking 195 pounds. Do I look like it? It's just that I don't feel like I'm fat....I'm just sturdy. Corset are the only thing that make me feel sexy anymore. I would wear one every dang day if I didn't have little kids to chase after. I don't know why I'm going off on my weight, but it's my default complaint these days because the rest of my life is so good. OH, good crap. I'm signing off. No one reads this anyhow.


  1. I read it. Seriously, you look spectacular.

  2. I agree. It's not about how much you weigh, anyway. It's about how you flaunt it!
    *waves to the other Jill* :)

  3. How increadibly honest of you. You don't look heavy. Not to scare you but you weigh what I do but don't look it at all. Hmmm a corset to wear everyday. Hmmmm sounds like we need to work out some apron options. A functional corset.

  4. I think they look spectacular - actually, I think all your designs are incredible. Btw, I'm the one who just did an Ebay purchase today but I hope to be coming by this blog more often. Hiyas!

  5. Michelle, you look wonderful! And the new website is super keen as well. We are thinking of you in Portland.

    Nicole, infamous friend of one of those Jills...

  6. Like heck we don't read this. :)

    You look great. I came across your shop by way of looking at some of my customers' hearted items, and more than a few had hearted your shop as well as mine.

    It's been an age since I wore anything resembling bodices or corsetry, but your work has inspired me to give it a go again. As a matter of fact, my husband and I were both cooing over one of your pirate frock designs. Maybe sometime when you're back from the faire circuit, we can chat - feel free to swing by my blog as well.

    You know, I would not mind turning a few heads wearing one of your bodices.

    (Archeress, of Archeress Arts)

  7. Hi, I purchased one of your bodices on EBay last August. I have bunches of costuming stuff and I must say that the structure of your pieces is superior and the design fabulous. I'm looking forward to adding another of your pieces to my collection soon. And, btw, you look great in the pics you posted; can't think of many things more delightfully feminine than a corset that accentuates the bestest features of the female form. :>

  8. I know how you feel about the weight thing, I weigh about 215-20ish and it bugs me a lot. Try not to let it bog you down though, you look great.

  9. I happened upon your site while looking for clothes with character & flare. You are such a fantastic designer!!
    Hope to attend one of the events you will be at in Oregon.
    Keep blogging...more people read this than you realize.
    BTW, you look more than awsome in your designs! (corsetts) I want several!!

  10. I know exactly what you mean about the whole weight thing and wearing a corset. I tried on one of your corsets and I do have a waist hidden in all that! But the guys don't care. They just see what squirts out the top and they get that big ol grin and then it's all worth it! I spoke with you at the faire in Muskogee OK about designing a wedding dress for when my boyfriend proposes. Well, he finally did that night! And we will be married at the faire in Muskogee 2009. So I will be sending you that website link soon to get a quote on the dress of my dreams. Keep up the good work!

  11. Oh for heaven's sake. You're not fat, you're hot. Would that I were as endowed!