Friday, November 21, 2008

Crazy Good Deals on Corsets??

Okay, first off, I want everyone to pledge to me that they will stop listening to the news. All of the worry and stress over the economy and the bailouts and lost jobs is hurting everyone even more! I think people are listening to all the mayhem and then going into panic mode and not living like normal.
Now, I'm not saying "look the other way, and keep blowing money!" I definately believe in having a good savings and being smart with money...but I also strongly believe in supporting small businesses and local businesses. If everyone totally freaks out and stops spending money, we're all screwed. For instance, little companies like mine will have to try desperately to make sales, charging a lot less for their product out of desperation, then making less profit, which means less to put back into the business, which means a scary spiral downward. Now, we are a company which is out of debt and gives 10% of our revenue to charity, however we still need our loyal customers! Thus, if you will go and take a look at our ebay shop, you'll see a lot of corsets that are on sale for amazing deals! We understand people are strapped for cash, but we're groveling at your feet asking you to help support us. We, in turn, support many other facets of the economy! Go to our ebay store and check it out. If you've ever thought "Oh, man I want one of those corsets soooo bad" but felt like you didn't have the money, I will let you know that the starting bid on most of them is HALF PRICE. Basically, we're barely breaking even, after putting all the high quality materials into them. This is a great opportunity, and hopefully, if you're able to get your first corset from us and you're converted over to our corsets, you'll become a loyal customer that will get amazing corsets and customer service for many years! As for me, I'm going to go and do some Christmas shopping on etsy.com and ebay, and support other small companies!!!


  1. Dear Michelle

    I bought a borset from you a couple of weeks ago on etsy, and the reasons I bought from you are relevant to you post:
    - From your construction methods and materials used, I think the corset would last. Our family manages tight finances by making things ourselves, and making bought things last. I've seen that 'cheap/fashion' buys work out more expensive over the long run.
    - I don't follow fashion, but dress for my own comfort and in my own style. I like your style. (Maybe add some pockets? hint...hint :grin:)
    - The corset I bought would go with just about all my clothing. The veriety of fabrics and styles you make makes this possible!
    I'm from the south of africa, and have just finished my etsy Christmas shopping, hopefully in time for things to reach me before Christmas.
    I hope things go well for you this season.

  2. YEAH!

    Dude I didn't know you donate 10% to charity! How cool! What charity(ies?) do you donate to?

    My mom was a financial planner and said exactly the same thing, if everyone hoards their money when the big scare comes around, they wind up hurting themselves in the long run.

    Money tips:
    Buy a bodice on your credit card! Then turn in the points for cash back or air miles!

    Buy a bodice with money you saved for a rainy day-it's winter and rain is coming!

    Buy a bodice because this woman has two adorable kids to support!

    Buy a bodice because the momentary guilt you may POSSIBLY feel for spending a smidge of money will be GREATLY outweighed by happiness when you feel how fabulous your body is!

    Buy a bodice because unlike most things where price and quality will fluctuate, this is one investment that WILL last! Unlike gas or groceries.

    If you don't do something nice for yourself, you shouldn't expect anyone else to either.

  3. As I said over the phone during the conference for the amazing new bodice/wench corset pair coming too me soon. I completely agree. If I had been freaking out over the economy to the point the news is letting on, id have never made the purchase.
    As the previous poster said, Do something nice for your self. These pieces of art- and that's what they are- are well worth the cash.
    - And you'll be helping out some charities in the process ( Plus two adorable children)

  4. I bought a vixen & corset 04/09 love'em.wear to church. Folks @ church like 'em.(i'm passing out the website.) Just sent a money order off for 2 more vixens this wk. as for the big scare with the economy I believe the obmanation of desolation is already standing where it should not. so as it was in the days of noha, keep doing what ya doing, & keep the faith!