Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Piratey Fabric!!

You'd be surprised at how hard it is to find really simple fabric patterns that are suitable for making corsets. For instance, I've had tons of people contact me and ask me if I had black and white stripe. Um.....no. It's just that the fabric companies don't seem to make upholstery jacquard in a huge variety of crazy fabrics, even though they do that with cottons. I guess I can understand, because I'm using upholstery fabric, and not a lot of people want to decorate with crazy bold fabrics....at least not the customer base that they're marketing to. Anyhow, when I found this red and white stripe, I was overjoyed, and just wanted to share it with everyone. It's a beautiful upholstery weight, so the boning will never pop through and it can take a beating and keep on kicking! ;) If you are dying to have this, hop on etsy, and you can buy one for $79. Yay!! As always, I love all of you (my customers) and I can't thank you enough for supporting my business, being my friend, and asking me crazy questions that make for great conversation pieces! ;) Happy Holidays!


  1. Michelle - I'm stuck at work on mandetory overtime that's sucked up all my spare time. I'm a bit bummed about this and the fact I have to work Christmas eve AND NEW YEARS! Agh.

    Then I saw this and I was INSTANTLY happy. That color of red is gorgeous! I have tomorrow off, all websitery will be done. Love, Jill

  2. Michelle~
    I know where you are coming from. Heck, it is hard finding black and white stripe fabric at all. The only time I have ever seen it is around Halloween and its always really cheap cloth. I had someone want me to make a black and white stripe skirt for their daughter who was dressing as a pirate for Halloween and it was just impossible!
    But I think your fabric selections are wonderful. I receive so many compliments on your work when I wear your pieces. Hopefully I will have some pictures to send your way soon!


  3. That is a wonderful fabric!
    I found your Etsy page a couple weeks ago via a search for "steampunk," and I haven't been able to get the idea of ordering something from you out of my head!
    Just waiting until after Christmas, when I'll have cash I don't need to spend on other people again. :>