Saturday, June 20, 2009

Behind the Scenes at Damsel in this Dress

I thought I would share a few images from our workshop! This first one is what a huge rubbermaid tub of 36,000 grommets looks like. I have to order that many at a time to get the amazing price that I do, but it's not cheap in that great of bulk! Believe me! I shed a tear every time I order more. OH, which is why we don't have silver and black finishes! Our ebay branch of the company that is run by my sister has black and silver, but the main branch (or me...Michelle) doesn't, because it takes so much $$$ to get them.
Here's a lovely shot of a pile of bolts of fabric.

Ah, Edward! And no, I didn't name our grommet press after the sparkly vampire, people! It's just that his name was on him when I got him. This little guy set us back $3000, but was the best purchase we ever made for our company. It's a pneumatic grommet press, and it's hooked up to a huge air compressor and it cuts and sets the grommets, all with one pull on that little black knob on the front. And yes, the bowls beside the grommet press are little kids' bowls from IKEA and my husband uses them to put smaller amounts of grommets into.

Now, I haven't named my machine yet, however, I did put some vinyl bird and floral stickers on her to give her some personality. Any ideas for name, guys? I want her to have a unique name that says, "I work hard for my money, so you better treat me right." This machine is awesome! Just to give you an idea of the differences between normal little household machines and this one-normal machines run at 200 stitches per minute at their top speed. This girl runs at 6,500!!! The first time I sewed on an industrial, I nearly ripped my arm off. OH, and normal machines weigh something like 10 to 30 pounds, depending on the machine, and this one, along with its table, motor, foot pedal, and all, weighs 200 pounds. That's a REAL woman!

OH, and another wall of fabric.


  1. I have never seen so many grommets in my life. Thanks for the behind the scenes photos! :D

  2. Name for your machine: it says Juki, which, as far as I can tell, is the last name of a Japanese manufacturer and the Estonian version of the name "Richard." So, I think you should call her something that sounds close to Juki, like Cookie. :)