Monday, September 21, 2009

Holy Face!!!!!

What a great weekend I had at the pirate festival! I'll be posting some pictures soon! Thanks for everyone who was awesome enough to get a corset!
We're in the long process of traveling home and will be home this weekend, and right back to work. I have to magically pull 100 corsets out of my sewing machine within the next 2 weeks along with finishing up the custom orders for Halloween. Guys, I'm going die. I'm just going to die. *sigh*

On a happier note, HELLO to Nathan (ooooh, and his mom and sister!!!), Jill, Ryan, and Nicole , since I know you guys are reading this. I dearly appreciate you coming to visit me at the festival!


  1. hi there, first i wanted to say awesome work!! i had a client come into my shop and tell me all about your corset tops, i wear them in my regular wardrobe but i never found one to fit the way i feel they should! i will definatly be ordering from you in the very near future!! i cant wait to tell all my girlfriends about you!! keep up the beautiful work! youre truly fabulous and an answer to all my bodice wearing prayers!

  2. Sorry for the stress with the custom orders! Your work is just too darn awesome!

  3. 'Allo Michelle!

    I just wanted to express how grateful I am for everything you did this weekend. I know that, for you, it was just all in another day's work.... But for me: my confidence soared after I put that corset on for the first time, and it's still high as a kite. Thank you so much for that, dear.

    Hoping to see you at another Faire soon!

    -Tori "Maggie Blackwood" (of B.O.O.M.)

  4. I feel bad about contributing to your upcoming death, but I'm still going to make custom orders...