Wednesday, September 16, 2009

okay, I'm not angry anymore

all right, as you can see in the blog I wrote two seconds ago, I was really angry, but then I went in and read some of the compliments you guys gave me on recent blogs, and my heart was softened, and I wasn't in a hideous mood anymore. Thank you! I love you guys! *tear*


  1. We love you too, Michelle. You know that! Don't let the few scumbags out there get to you too much! Just reading your blog and looking through your website, etc. etc. has inspired me to do something I've NEVER done before - sew a skirt. That might not sound like a big deal to any of the people reading this, but since I've never done anything beyind pillow cases and curtains before... ;) Hopefully it'll match that gorgeous corset of mine that you'll be starting when you get back :D Wish me luck - and have fun!!

  2. Ah Doris - me too! I've decided that I want to sew my own skirt(s) for an upcoming ren faire too! It IS a big deal! I figure that if I fail, at least my upper body will look so utterly smashing that no one will notice the skirt issues ;)