Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Faire Cancellation

Guys!!! I know you'll all hate me, but I had to cancel my festival in New Mexico. We got home from our last festival, and I literally just do not have the inventory to do a show properly. I'm tremendously sorry to any of you who were planning on coming there to meet me! We're hoping to possibly do it next year, but this year, I would completely shut down and never sew anything again if I over-worked myself that much. *sigh* Next year we'll be more prepared for Halloween. next year. next year.
On a happier note, I have a lot of my leftover inventory that's going onto etsy and artfire!


  1. Completely shut down?! The Horror!

    Somewhere in between all of the sewing and faires you have to devote time to family, home and hearth.

    Rest. Take care of yourself. All the better to take care of us. ;)

  2. Yes, must devote time to the family!--- and somewhere in there possibly take up a wedding corset?

    I sent an email on the 7th-- hope it hasn't gotten lost amid the custom order chaos!

    Congrats on so much business!

  3. Just a note to say I noticed some perfomers (two of the three O'Danny Girls) at MDRF wearing what looks suspiciously like your designs this year. :)


    (not my picture, just one I came across)