Saturday, November 28, 2009


ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE PICTURE ABOVE? Holy Face! The neckline is all the way up under the chin, and EVEN the breasts of a MANNEQUIN look baggy. Bleh. People, I want to address an issue that's very near and dear to my heart. Now, I KNOW that all of you rennies (avid renaissance festival goers) are already aware of how to put on a corset or bodice. You pull it on, lace it, and then pull the neckline of your blouse down, as well as reaching in and pulling your breasts up into the best possible position. However, I think that there's some of you who are note quite familiar with all the adjusting that needs to go on in order for these to look fantastic. See below, for the proper way of wearing these.

Phew! It's like a ray of light and angels singing! Perky! Even on a stiff mannequin made of packaging tape, stuffing, and a lot of swearing (yes, I make my own mannequins. Do you really think there's a mannequin manufacturer out there that would make them this beautifully shaped? nah. I'm awesome.) All I did was pull that neckline down. The corsets should be tight enough that it will hold that neckline RIGHT where you put it. Now, paired with a good bra (see more previous post) and you're going to look absolutely seductive. Yes, I'm tell you to pull your dang blouses down! This is coming from a mormon conservative girl, so you KNOW that I MEAN IT! ;)

On another note, thanks tremendously to all of you who purchased on Black Friday. It was a huge success, and the first 15 sales (you know, the awesome ones who got 20% off coupons) all happened within the first 2 minutes after 6:00 (I felt REALLY bad for the lady who was all excited and hoping she had been one of the first 15, and she had just barely bought her corset at 8:30. Blast!) I only do sales like that about twice a year, because....well, when you're selling stuff that you made yourself for THAT cheap, you're not really making any money. You're just barely breaking even on the costs that it took to make all of that stuff. But, the cool thing is that both times I've had these sales, I've had TONS of people purchasing that are brand new to etsy, so they're not only being introduced to the magnificent world of corsets, BUT they're also joining the fantastic marketplace that etsy is. So, thank you again..and pull your blouses down.
Signing off.


  1. you crack me up! I want a neighbor just like you. :)

  2. You make your own mannequins? That's excellent! I wondered how they could possibly be so...human-shaped (and sized)!
    My boyfriend is a craftsperson and enjoys a challenge, so perhaps I'll be able to wrangle his help in making my own at some point. Hopefully all my visual arts education and degrees will come to some use ;)

  3. I'm looking forward to receiving my corset, i've been drooling over them for SO LONG! I spent the whole morning on Friday agonising over which one I wanted (lol) and thanking my lucky stars that my time zone gave me pretty much first dibs. YAY!
    Still, I was surprised how quickly stuff was snapped up! Wow... just... wow.

    I will say this though, the sale was about the only way i'd ever have been able to afford a corset from you. The shipping to the UK is $31!! Ouch.

  4. LOL! :D

    I must confess I'm one of the "8:30am" dorks who was out initially shopping to late in the stores! heehee
    All the same--thank you so much Michelle for the awesome deals and I will be back for more since what I bought will make great presents to my fellow friends who also love corsets. ONce they see and experience your fine wearable art they too shall be hooked like me for more! :D Have a great weekend!

  5. I was out at TRF this past weekend and must say I almost cried when I saw my third "knockoff guy." And right after your huge sale. I wish I had thought to pack in my damsel business cards.

  6. I have not purchased yet-but will soon. I do enjoy your website and extremely funny comments. thanks for brightening my day!!

  7. Ahh! I was wondering if you were mormon cause you're from Utah Co, but I figured that someone with a passion for awesome corsets couldn't possibly be mormon. That only makes you more infinitely awesome.

  8. I wore my newly-delivered blouse around the house yesterday, and every time my husband looked at me, he sort of startled and either said, "you look so PRETTY!" or "I really like you in that blouse."

    So... THANK YOU!!!!

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  11. I don't know how else to say it; Your an Inspiration. To both my mother and I.
    As teenagers we both struggled with anorexia for years (media says girls need to be thin) it took months of hardwork to pick myself out of that rut. And one very very loving boyfriend <3
    And one very sultry corset, given to me by a friend, a steel boned leather (easy wipe, jeeze) corset.... I felt sexier than ever.
    Then I find your great shop, of classy elegant sexy corsets! Your business model and outlook on life, and your drive to change women's opinions of themselves has set my mind into saving up money to buy the Crossfire Corset!
    also, you should put up links to the some of the stores you get your skirts and accessories for your shoots!

    By the way, now I'm a size 10-12, curvy girl, and absolutely loving every inch of my body! :D