Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Poo! Halloween is Already Killing Me!

*these are pictures of my new and magical way of using scraps. These look SOOO good at little bustle pieces. I'm still getting up the courage to wear one out around town as a cape, like the mannequin is. ;)

Just a few updates and facts here for you guys
*We are on a 2-3 week waiting period for corsets right now. This doesn't mean that I take 2-3 weeks to complete one piece. It means that I'm working my rear off and driving myself into the ground doing about 100 orders in 3 weeks. It's important to understand that I take your custom orders as they come in, and generally there is about 30 corset orders before yours. The only way to bump this up is to pay the $35 rush fee, at which point I basically just give up several hours of sleep to make your corset quicker.

*We have two big festivals coming up! One is the Shrewsbury Renaissance Festival September 11-12th, and then we have the Portland Pirate Festival September 18th and 19th. I will neither be taking any orders, nor answering emails at this time. We'll be traveling and on the road, and I hate trying to answer emails when there's literally nothing I can do about them seeing as I'm hundreds of miles from a sewing machine.

*Before you contact us to check on the status of your order, it's good to do a few things: 1.see if you've received a paypal shipment notification along with a tracking number( Sadly, we've found that these emails go largely ignored.) and 2. Count the number of days it's been since your order. We are generally EXTREMELY good at getting the orders out right in between the estimated waiting time (so if it's 2-3 weeks, we generally get your order out at 2 1/2 weeks time). 3. (THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT!) Please don't text me from your phone to my email with a note saying, "Hey, just wondering how things are going." That would require me to somehow know your phone number, your name, and your order off of the top of my head. I'm pretty brilliant..but not quite THAT brilliant. When you contact us about an order, tell us what the item was! Order numbers don't do a dang thing. You can't look them up on etsy (at least as far as I can tell.) We need specifics, dates, fabrics, sizes. Everything. That will speed things up tremendously!

*Not to sound like a poo-head, but for the love of everything good and decent, don't contact me the DAY of your event wondering where your package is. We've only had this happen a couple of times, but it's extremely stressful and unhelpful to both parties. We are a good company with a good reputation, and we want to keep that, but there have been times where we just weren't informed that the customer needed a package by a certain date, and the customer contacts us either the day before or the day OF the event. If you give us the heads up about 4 days in advance, we can ACTUALLY do something. What is more is that we WANT to help you.

* I really don't want to sound like such an ugly muffin here, but I'm trying to change things, reorganize orders, revamp the website, prepare for Halloween, prepare for two festivals, and somehow be a good mother, wife, sister, and friend in there. Since most of you only have 1 order to worry about, and I have hundreds, just be sure to be patient and kind and communicate clearly. I WILL say, I have been known to give out free costume pieces to the customers who were absolutely lovely and supportive and bright rays of sunshine. It doesn't mean everyone will get something, but if you are exceedingly kind, the good karma WILL come back to you.

Let me know if you guys have any questions.
Damsel in this Dress Corsets


  1. I can't imagine the folks who are able to sustain irritation/poor temper with your schedule - I'm pretty sure you're not a horde of underpaid factory workers, able to pump out hundreds of pieces in a day (though I'm sure you could use an automaton of yourself)!
    I'm also quite sure that if any of us DamselFanatics met said irritated persons...we'd deal far less pleasantly ;)
    That said, I'm positively thrilling at the Secret New Things suspense! Can't wait!

  2. I can't believe you do all the awesome stuff you do! I admire you completely. I talk about you all the time. My husband suspects some kind of affair. You are awesome and I love your corsets! Speaking of "free costume pieces" - I HAVE received one of your free corsets and OMG I forgot to say "thank you from the bottom of my heart!" THANK YOU! I love it. I love you. You are wonderful. Keep doing your thing because YOU make the world an AMAZING place to live!

    I CANNOT wait to see your new site. I check daily to see if today is the day. Can't wait!

  3. Just remember that you are doing an awesome job, you're like a superhero, and that you are worshiped and admired by many MANY women (especially me!) everyday. If you ever feel stressed or upset, just remember that constantly there are people telling their friends how cool you are and what a incredibly stupendous person you are with your ninja sewing skills. Keep up the beautiful work you always do!

  4. The little bustles are soooo adorable! I like them as a cape and it made me think they'd probably look SUPER CUTE as a little girl's shawl/cape! Makes me wish I had a daughter... <3

  5. How do I be a bright ray of sunshine? lol!

    If I didn't get a piece at least a few days before an event I would be PANICKING!!! I don't know how someone can possibly have the patience and/or nerve to contact you the day before or the day OF(!) their event wondering where their piece is. I have an event coming up September 17th-19th that I'm hoping to have my pieces by but I just e-mailed you today about them and I have to ship my fabric to you. I realize you have a ton of orders that came in before mine and have events of your own to go to so I'm not worried if I don't have them. If they come in AWESOME, if not, too bad for me. I should have ordered them earlier. I have plenty of other places and events to wear them at!

    I'm also quite amazed at how understanding my husband is of my Damsel obsession! I'm able to convince him to let me buy new pieces with such ease! Anything else would take begging and convincing. I was undecided which style of jacket to buy and a simple "maybe I should just get two" from my lips led to him simply saying "do you think you'll have enough fabric?" haha! I love him! And you! And I hope it's enough fabric. ;) I can't remember how I found you in the first place but I'm oh so glad I did!

  6. Thank you a million times over for the work that you do!!! I found you about two weeks ago and have been obsessing over your site and your blog since. Your handiwork is incredible and each piece is truly a work of art (I particularly love the graceful, flattering lines in each piece as well as how you make the material match itself at the seams). I cannot imagine how you make so many corsets in such little time with so much other stuff to do - you must secretly be superwoman. :) Anywho, thank you so much for the update, I have been checking your blog daily and I am eagerly looking forward to the new website. I love the new background for your blog - that material is gorgeous! One short critique though: I am using a 1440x900 resolution monitor and the text on the left hand side of the textbox runs off the grey part of the background onto the pattern, making it a touch difficult to read. Not trying to create more work for you, just as a FYI bit. But thank you again and I am looking forward to being able to order many beautiful corsets from you! ^___^

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