Wednesday, December 15, 2010

$25 Corsets Today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so obviously not ALL of my corsets are $25, but I do have a nice little pile of Wench Corsets AND Victorian length Underbust for that ridiculous price. It's good to understand that I literally am not making any money at that price (and this is not some used-car sales tactic). With the ridiculously nice materials and fabric I use, this barely covers the cost of making it and doesn't even pay me a cent for my time. Either way, grab them quick. Even if one isn't your size, wouldn't it make the best gift ever???? And at less than half price for quality hand-made-in-the-U.S.-by-me???????? Wow! ;)

The corsets are on artfire, so here you go!

I'll be running other awesome Christmas Promotions each day until Dec. 21st. Woohoo! Just watch for what they are!!!!


  1. Hi!
    I was just wondering if you're website is inactive, or not up to date? You've a lot of designs on Artfire and Etsy that I really like that aren't on the website. If I wanted to custom order one in a similar style to those on the other sites, how would I go about it?

  2. Michell!! This is your Texas customer Carmen, Where r the 25$ corset?? I don't see any.. :o(