Friday, January 28, 2011

These are my sister, Emma's adorable cards that she makes! You can see more unbearable cuteness at www.beaverrebellion.etsy.com

It's sort of "Meet my Family" week! I've been thinking a lot about all of them, and I miss them all dearly. I also figured that since I showcased my brother's creativity in the last post, I would let you guys see what my sister does. Me and my sister Emma (in the photos above) have been drawing and creating little animals for as long as I can remember. Both of us drew more pictures on our school papers than actually putting down answers. When I think of my childhood, I can sum it up into one word-Emma. We spent every second of every day possible with each other and stuck like glue, even through high school. We both sewed and created the most ostentatious and hideous clothing on earth, and proudly wore it to school. My sister would make these peasant blouses out of pretty, feminine and frilly fabric and then put these long tails on them that dragged on the floor when she walked. I would guess that roughly around 55% of our wardrobes were hand-made by us. My mom raised eyebrows several times, but felt that it was very important to let us express ourselves how we saw fit, as long as we were still modest and respectful looking.

Anyway, so you can tell that I love Emma beyond the heavens on earth. She has started trying to make all of here crazy little drawings into a career. We keep wanting her to write childrens' books, because goodness knows there's enough boring, poorly illustrated, crappy kid literature out there! If you look through her cards on etsy, and look at each individual character, they all have LIFE and personality! You get to know Emma just by looking at these goofy little creatures. They bring instant smiles to my face. For those of you who got my magazine (THANK YOU, by the way!) you will have seen some of her illustrations in that. She has a way of capturing emotions and translating them into drawings like no one I've ever seen.

I'm not writing this as a "Buy everything from Emma" blog, I just think it's really good for everyone to understand where I'm coming from as a person. Emma and I were wearing renaissance bodices to school before I ever even DREAMED of starting a company. I feel like Emma is an extension of my soul, and our brains basically function as one. We're both passionately creative individuals, and take our artforms very seriously. I just told my mom today that when you put yourself out there as an artist, you're just HOPING that people like what you do while being petrified that they'll reject you and move on. It's like standing on a stage completely naked and just daring someone to make a snide comment. That's how exposed I feel somedays, and I know that's how Emma feels about her little animals.

As always I thank you, the customers for supporting me, my family, and my dream. This is gut-wrenchingly brutal somedays, and the pressure of owning your own business and running the show is just as overwhelming as it is rewarding. However, I love the idea of the in-conquerable human spirit and being able to tacking things with a vengeance! I hope that translates in my work, and hopefully you can see that in my dear Emma as well!

Damsel in this Dress Corsets


  1. I think I need to hide this post from my husband. Hot chicks in corsets posing around tools? Yep, definitely hiding.

    P.S. wicked cute drawings!

  2. I want to know where to get the little jacket or vest your are both wearing in the picture. Is that something you will be making available to your customers? If so, I want one!! Very steampunk and would look great with my corsets from you or with jeans!!!

  3. Okay I LOVE the outfits you are both wearing. I have been waiting to see if something Just made me all giddy and not able to live without. Will be ordering some stuff like that from you with my tax return money.
    Love, Love, Love.
    Will be emailing you as soon as I have money! Love.

  4. I love reading about your family! It reminds me of my own. My sister and I sewed up a frenzy in high school and wore all kinds of interesting hand made things. It was awesome showing her my latest creation and getting instant positive feedback. And we are twins so our wardrobes were completely interchangeable! I'm sad we live thousands of miles apart. Keep dreaming, drawing, and sewing!


  5. My family esp my sisters are a central part of my life as well. I always love learning more about my fave vendors as people...I already admire their art, I love knowing the stories behind it!!

  6. You look absolutely fantastic michelle!
    Keep up the good work with your corsets, I love them so much!

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