Wednesday, March 30, 2011


The WINNER of the Pirate Coat Giveaway is LINDSAY MADER! When I chose her name, I wasn't even surprised, considering she had over 10 contest entries. Man alive! Lindsay! Anyhow, she will be getting that lovely pirate coat custom fit to her, and in her fabric choice! Now...I DID put a twist on the contest. See... I feel ABSOLUTELY sick to my stomach when picking winners, because I have NEVER won anything in my life, and I hate making other women into "losers" like I am. (Oh, come on! You guys KNOW you aren't losers, but most of you DO know how it feels to be hoping SOOO fervently for something and just KNOWING that THIS TIME you'll win......and then they pick the name of the popular girl that always wins. Dangit!!!)

So, in my overly soft heart, I picked out 6 more winners of consolation prizes. Winners of the $50 Gift Certificates to Artfire!
Anna Nurya Deprey, Jennifer Jackson, Cynthia E. Rodriguez, Karen Szymarek, Carin Boelman, Rhiannon Jones, thank you and congratulations ladies!
I'll be sending all of you emails, so look for them in a few minutes!

In the meanwhile, I DID have a great idea that made me feel LESS sick to my stomach and NOT quite as panic-attacky. I can take the names and the emails of you lovely ladies who entered the contest, and put you into a specific list in the database of my new website, and I can actually send you notes about promotions, clearance sales, and coupons before anyone else gets them. No, I'm not talking about annoying "newsletter" type crap that you sign up for. I got one yesterday from Victoria's Secret where the title read "Hello, Gorgeous! Take a look at our New Spring Selection!" or something patronizing and cruel like that. Please "Vicky", I KNOW that you may THINK you make women feel sexy, but every time I put on one of your bras and then walk past the 15 foot high poster of the 0% body fat, huge chested model that I will never look like, part of me dies! And SERIOUSLY? hOW COULD YOU make apron lingerie, but make it like a freaking mono-kini, which has CUT-OUTs right at love-handle level! I was so excited about the lingerie that looked like aprons, and I almost passed out in the store, and when I tried it on, wanting to pretend to be a super sexy 50's housewife to make my husband breakfast in bed.....well....I was pretty sure that all I would inspire was VOMIT in the bed. Freaking Victoria's Secret......grrr

Oh, my gosh. I need to get back to my company! Um....thank you SOOOO much, you guys. I would like to especially thank those of you who are so patient with me in the rare occasions that there is a problem with the order, and you let me fix it! You ladies are DYNAMITE, and you have a seriously special part in my heart!


  1. I only love your corsets a tiny smidge more than your rants!

    The coupon thing is a wonderful idea but you shouldn't stress over making anyone "losers" - the fact is, all of your fans will one day own one of your corsets, whether it be next week or next year, and it doesn't have to be a prize in a contest to make them feel like a winner.

    I doubt any of us feel too badly about it!

    Keep on making that wearable art and cut back on the stressing!

  2. The thing about trying to win something is it's not like we were promised to win - it's a "giveaway" for a reason!

  3. Thanks, you guys are totally swell! Oh, and Rho! I sent out your corset! I CANNOT wait for you to get it! I made it SUPER sturdy....like bullet proof!

  4. This post just made my day, too.

    I LOVE your bucket of 1 winner but mostly losers.

    And I HATE fat-free silicone-enhanced women. They are airbrushed and not real and probably look like pitiful little scabs in real life and they are sad because they don't let themselves eat pasta and chocolate. Women like us have the curves that really rock.

    Now - go make a REAL sexy french maid apron lingere costume thingy. You know you can.

  5. Seriously?! Already?! I thought it wouldn't come for two weeks. OH, MICHELLE! YOU'RE TOO AWESOME!

  6. I want to say that I know *exactly* how you feel, up until today I could say I'd never won anything either. I mostly don't try anymore, but I'd been drooling and pacing and wanting the corset and jacket that I ordered, so I figured why not! However, now I can say I won something! So, thank you so much for giving me the ability to say that! And for being so patient and helpful in our e-mails to get me something that made me happy!

  7. LOL my friend next to me said "She had 10 entries meaning she has enough, why did she have to WIN a free one..."

    Anyways, congrats to the ladies who won.

  8. You're awesome, and you make amazing pieces of art. It's just a bonus that you were willing to offer a contest to win some of your great work! Thank you for the opportunity! Congrats to the winners!

    PS: Vicky's is the devil.

  9. I know what you mean about not winning. I am really bad at winning and pretty much never can manage to do it! And while it is sad that I don't get a brand spankin' new awesomest coat ever pirate coat, it is happy that I will get the most adorable fox wrap in world! I think for those of us who didn't win, you don't have to worry because the things we ordered are our consolation prizes. I mean how could you be that upset when you have a sweet new corset or something coming in the mail!? You rock.

    ps. I was really excited about those apron things too, but seriously whose idea was it to put the cutouts at love handle level? They are an idiot!

  10. Congrats to those lucky winners. The coat looks amazing.
    I was wondering, Do you have a newsletter of sorts going? If so, how would one go about signing up for one. I recently deleted my facebook so I am kind of limited on my DID info.
    ps You sooo rock!