Thursday, June 23, 2011

Adopt a Pirate Program

This is me giving Milton some love.
I can't remember the names of these guys....I believe we had "Benford" at the end, and I know that Milton is the one with the pink face.

Sooo, this last weekend was a GREAT adventure! We did our first weekend at the NorCal Pirate Festival, and it was a blast and a half! I was feeling really stressed before we left, and instead of sewing corsets, like I should have been, I made up a large batch of these guys. Sometimes corsets get so monotonous and I'm so emotional about them that I HAVE to take some kind of break. Luckily, my sister and I spent our entire childhoods making our own stuffed animals and cartoons, and so these guys came naturally. I didn't even make a pattern. I just started cutting out squares and furiously sewing.

We hung these guys up on the edge of our booth and gave them really dorky names, and people LOVED them! I know, I know, everyone in Oklahoma is going to yell at me, because I told at least 20 people that I would never make these to sell. Well......I did. If I do them in large batches and listen to angry girl rock, I can sort of pump them out....though they still take longer than the corsets. ;)

Anyway, thanks to everyone who adopted a pirate OR a corset this last weekend. You guys really make this job fun, which makes up for the times that it destroys my will to live.


  1. I love them!! They are so stinkin' adorable. I wish I would have been there I definitely would have adopted one! You should come to the Ohio Renaissance festival or the Bristol Renn Faire. I would love to be fitted in one of your corsets!!!!

  2. UNFAIR!! But if you put them up for sale online... we could maybe call it squarsies.

  3. They were Larry, Mo, Curly, Harry, Eugene, Benford, Walter, Theodor and Mortemor. There were more but I cant remember their names.

    Mortemor is at home missing his brothers. :(


  4. omigoshes! Sell these on artfire! for serious. I WANT!

  5. michelle, if you don't sell these in may, i will seriously cry.
    i've wanted one since i've seen these. omfg.