Thursday, July 28, 2011

What Does Your Corset Mean to You?

Ladies!!! I'm getting the last few articles together for our next magazine, and if you want to be featured in it, you have a chance at a spot!!! Woohoo!!! All you have to do is send me a really fabulous picture of YOU in your Damsel in this Dress corset and write a really fantastic article on why corsets are awesome! If you have insightful, deep spiritual experiences whilst wearing a corset, bring it on! If wearing your corset saved your life when you got in a car wreck, I want to hear about it! (that one is actually true, believe it or not.) I DEFINITELY want a picture, and I'm looking for creative, honest writing. Oh, and one more thing.......

So, not ONLY do you get to be made famous by being put into our magazine, which is handed out to thousands of fans, BUT you also get free corsetry. Can't beat that. Here are the rules.

*All entries must be received by July 31, 2011 (I realize that this is QUICK, but I've got to get this magazine out!)

*All entries must be sent to seamstress@damseldress.com along with your photo, preferably in JPEG form, in a larger size format so we can get it clear, and not pixilated.

*You are agreeing to give me the rights to your story and your picture. If you're the kind of loser that wants to sue me over this later, then I'm not going to pick you ANYWAY, so THERE! I HATE legal language. I'm saying it straight here.

*A picture is required. Sorry, that that's the rule.

*No profanity or explicit sharing of your sexual lives. Keep that stuff to yourselves, ladies. Remember, it's a MAN that is my secretary!

*The reward you receive obviously can't be credited toward past purchases, and it can't be combined with any other offer. It's a hundred freaking dollars, gals. Just be grateful.

I think that's all. Now, I DO want you to remember that OUR INBOX WILL BE CROWDED over the next couple of days, so please have patience. If you could mark your emails as "contest entry" that would be lovely....that way we can tell what's what! Thanks, ladies, and HAPPY ENTERING!!!!


  1. And is there anyway my photographer can get a small citation (nothing obtrusive or attention grabbing)?

  2. Wow. That totally sounds like I think I'm going to win. How rude!

    I mean, should I or anyone else win, is there anyway the photographer, if they are doing it professionally and want the citation, can get it?

  3. definitely, the photographer can get credit! I would love that!

  4. Crap! How do I make "I just like wearing it" compelling?? This is hard.

  5. Love the pictures in front of the make-out shed!

  6. by what time on July 31st? I have a photoshoot all day and could get some good ones, but wouldn't be out of post till late.

  7. Gah my love is out and my friend and fellow damsel lover seems to be stranded.... time to see if I can rig a makeshift tripod and go act like a lunatic by myself.

  8. Oh my gosh, I would dearly LOVE to enter this, but I haven't been able to afford my corset yet!!! :*(

  9. Sent last night! My pro photographer friend had to flake on me, but I managed to make it work with a tripod and creative lighting techniques.
    Michelle, will you display the photos on your blog/Facebook after the contest? I would love to see some of the professional/creative ones!

    Good luck, ladies!