Friday, September 16, 2011

America's Littlest Reddest Ridingest Hood

Day 2 of our "13 Days of Halloween" Celebration!! Today is our reworked, revamped, and recharged Red Riding Hood Sets! The BIGGEST improvement is that these hooded capelets can be worn with ANY of our corsets, whereas the single hooded pieces from years past only had specific styles of corsets that they could be tied to. I still didn't want it to be a huge cloak piece, so I did a mini, circle-cut capelet. There are grommets on either end, so you could just tie it around your neck like a classic cloak and wear it with any of our underbust corsets, OR you can tie the actual piece to any of our corsets that have shoulder straps, like we've done here. I'm always thinking about making things more versatile for my customers, so that they can take every opportunity to wear these costume pieces.
Today and tomorrow (Sept. 16th & 17th) we're selling a complete base set for only $199! This includes the corset, the capelet, the "slain wolf" scarf, and the mini stagecoach skirt. I suggest finding some amazing tights to go with it. We paired this with the leopard print to give it a rock star edge and a bit of quirkiness, and the texture and look is just stunning in the end, like Natalie herself!
And please, for the love of everything good and decent, buy a pair of high-heeled hiking boots to go with this outfit! It makes SUCH a statement of power and intimidation!

My friend, Natalie, and I decided that we could REALLY show off the new batch of Red Riding Hood Corsets by doing a reality tv show. The irony is that I wouldn't bat an eye if I saw a commercial for an actual competition that was this idiotic. Our only regret is that we didn't to have some "America's Next Top Model" style drama where she ate my granola bar and I yelled the F-word at her......or not. Ours is better.


  1. I want that capelet!

    When will these be going up as seperates? I love the capelet and the fox and the corset, but I loved the one year you had mini bustles (I hate ruffles...in the worst way). I'd buy it if I could change out the skirt to one of your mini bustles in red!

  2. so cute...wish I had the money or somewhere to where this...

  3. I cant even deal with how cute you two are!!!