Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Magazine!!!!

Featured in our New Magazine
*An interview with the reigning Fairy Artist, Amy Brown!
*Stunning Never-Before-Seen Photoshoots
*New corset styles
*Comes with a US $15.00 off coupon
*Contest Winners for "What My Corset Means to Me"

These magazines are a SERIOUS labor of love, and at first I thought that I might actually get paid for the hours of preparation, stress and brain-numbing aspirations. In the end I decided that it COULDN'T be about making money, it had to be about keeping customers loyal and giving them a solid, palpable piece of the company that they could hold in their hands and show their friends. I don't care what people say, but browsing the internet will NEVER be able to take the place of the absolute beauty and joy of a catalog! I love being able to look at things side by side, and I loathe trying to hunt for things on the internet, Paper books will never let you down like that! ;)

Anyhow, these are only $3.50! I'm hoping to cover my publication costs, but all of the money spent on graphics, models, photoshoots, costumes, and accessories all came out of my own pocket. I do it because Iove you guys!


  1. Your last magazine is still in my stack that I regularly go through. I can't wait for this.

    You so could have charged us a bit more m'dear. It'd be worth it!!!!!! But thank you for thinking of our dear lil pocket books.


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  3. Vous, your fashions, & your magazine totally ROCQUE! Allow La Moi to purchase an ad in your lovely pubication. I live to support (and be supported by) kindred creatives! xoxo

  4. Someone who likes the Latex Catsuits always has his reason, now it’s time to show your sexy charming.