Monday, November 28, 2011


Uh...Cyber Monday? Okay, so you ladies have SERIOUSLY done your part to help me clean out inventory, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. So many of these were corsets that I've carried to EVERY festival and convention this year, and hauled them all over the country, BUT for whatever reason, they still haven't sold (probably because they aren't solid black...which is all I sell.) I DID want to give SCREAMING good deals to everyone, because I know that if people can just get STARTED into good corsets, they'll be converted. Lots of women who have not felt like they could afford them FINALLY can, and then they can join the ranks of us who have a secret weapon for fat bloated days!

There's still a few things listed in our artfire shop that I just reduced, so for anyone who missed out on Friday, I still want to help you out. We ACTUALLY will be listing a small pile of things today, since we found a few more random OOAK corsets that didn't get listed for whatever reason. They'll stay on the cheap sale until they find new homes.

Once again, thank you to all of you. I deeply appreciate your support, ever-kind words and emails, and the fact that you wear these things out into the world and spearhead my advertisting campaign. That's so outrageous that my customers would be awesome enough to do that for me, and I know you guys have been the ones who have helped us survive bad economy, expensive car troubles, strange injuries because of corsets, and a host of other calamities! Yay for corset goddesses!

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