Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The point where I look at my organization skills and decided that maybe instead of improving myself, I can sell it all?

            I just looked at my studio where we photograph the corsets. It looks like crap. I'm just not organized, dangit! I have so many corsets running through my brain that there is LITERALLY no room for labels, peace, or calm. I just want to create!!! *shakes fist angrily into the sky....actually, more like into my ceiling, where there is still that little bit of paint that I need to fix.*
         Who am I kidding. I like sales. My friends like sales. My mom likes sales. Maybe I should just try to clean out some of this awesome corsetry and send it to good homes...especially since it's Halloween and everything. ;)

SALE! Through the end of October, you can get $35 off of any ARTFIRE purchase of $100 or more. Just type in the code YAY  at checkout, and it will reduce the price on my lovely handmade goods. Be sure to type it all in caps, and login to artfire, and it should work! Thanks, gals, We HEART you. 


  1. aaauuuuugh why do you always have a great sale when I have no monies *cries*

    sigh...it's not your fault.

  2. For me it's always the great sale that comes a week after I bought something... :P