Thursday, December 20, 2012

Day 6 AND 7-I hope I can make it the rest of the 12 Days of Christmas!!!

 Day 6 AND 7, since this is destroying my soul! ;) I made a crazy load of these gorgeous elf-style hoodies (this is honestly just market research for me. If they actually sell, then I'll make more batches to take to my festivals at the first part of this year, ESPECIALLY since one of them is a Faerie Con!) AND they are being knocked down to $75 from $95 in..uh....15 minutes,  it appears. Okay, it's 7:45 AM here in Utah, so 8 MST is what you're looking for.   OH, by the way, just because I'm in a 74% good holiday mood, the MATCHING TORIANS will also be marked down $20. Holy Face.  *This sale will END tomorrow night at midnight!

OH, and gee, whiz, over on my beloved artfire shop, they'll STAY at the marked down price, because...well....artfire doesn't take all of my money (I still love you etsy, but you're like a moody, over-indulged teenager. Artfire is my obedient, grown up, kid who has become my best friend  and doesn't ask for anything..only gives!)
Holy Night! These hoods take a lot of fabric! They may not  look it, but when you want a long point on something, you have to do some....*cough* creative cutting just to NOT waste tons and tons. Thus, these take a bit longer to cut, but the payoff is magnificent!


  1. That green set is killing me with its ethereal beauty. I want, I want, I want!! If the size I wanted wasn't already sold I would be having even more serious internal conflict as I do not need to spend any more money on myself right now. As far as market research goes, count my vote. I now thoroughly covet an elf style hoodie vest. And really, really hope you continue to make them. Especially when I have money to burn.

  2. Bah! My size on the hood is sold out! Oh well :) I could save the money and try again next time :) DO NOT GET RID OF THOSE HOODS!!!! You know...I may ask you to do a custom one, but more like a maurauders hood or something of that nature too.....>.> I believe you made me hood crazy!!!


  3. I wish I saw this before christmas time!!! I've never seen anything like these before. I just uploaded some fun dresses on my blog, not as crazy and awesome as yours but I think you might like them! http://befriendatrend.blogspot.com