Saturday, February 2, 2013

Steampunk Safari

 I just wanted to showcase a new design that we have because, well....I already made me and two of my friends corsets in this fabric and style, and we FREAKING love them! There's something very visually clever about the hip curve being outlined in this way. Because it starts up by the smallest part of the waist, and then draws your eye inward, your whole entire shape is slimmed down.


  1. Oh, honey.... no. Just... no.
    I looove your designs, and the quality is bar none, but sometimes, as they say on Project Runway, I question your taste. You have a lot of fans that seem to adore pretty much everything you do, as I don't doubt you could sell a corset that looks like a roll of toilet paper, but this does. not. work.

    The bustle skirts are still pretty rad. We'll always have those.

    1. Personally, I think the new design is pretty cool. I'm glad Michelle is constantly using her creativity and trying out daring new ideas. They may not all fit another person's tastes, but it's still fun to see concepts never seen before.

  2. This would be so cute in a polka dot and solid on the hips. Even vice versa. Oh man in jean!! stonewash jean.. ooo back to polka dot thing.. make the Inside of Collar that folds over and is visible part solid then hips too and cute pattern for the body. I'm gonna keep my eye out for some possible fabric. I wanna be a tester. Hey that gives me and idea.. I know you like to test and try out your designs and perfect them. What if you told us what color fabric to send to what thread is gonna be in the machine (so you don't have to switch them all around). Like one week black, next week brown, next white.. but more like every three weeks or something more realistic only limited to so many people so you don't over burden yourself (like 10 per color thread week) and it does require a small payment and a promise to report back to you. The limited spots could be raffled for money to put into your business and help with some of the costs that are arising. All shipping will be paid by the person purchasing.. Just an idea.. and this would be amazing opportunity for anyone. But.. I'm really worried about how time consuming it is to make just one and to make them different sizes and trying to keep pieces together as it goes through the assembly.. just wouldn't wanna overwork you all