Friday, February 8, 2013

Sticker Design Contest! Ends Monday, Feb. 11th, 2013

Ooooh! You could win a $350 GIFT CERTIFICATE TO OUR ARTFIRE SHOP! However, this is not an easy contest. I want to print out some stickers for our company, and I want to see what cool graphic designs you girls come up with! However, pay CLOSE ATTENTION to the details below.

* I want the stickers to just simply be a cute type of logo, with our name "Damsel in this Dress" and our website www.damseldress.com

*We want the stickers to be 3" round stickers, from this site. You'll have to use their templates (go to the bottom and click on the "digital specs" tab where they have templates for programs like photoshop and illustrator. Then, you just keep your image inside the bleed lines of their template.)
(I WILL TELL YOU that this site is very specific about the criteria being met. They don't allow low quality images that will show up grainy or pixely. You can't design this on "paint", people!)

*You MUST send your design over to my EMAIL ADDRESS. do NOT post them here!! seamstress@damseldress.com

*I don't want this to be a long contest. The deadline for getting these in is midnight, Monday, February 11, 2013.

*If your design is chosen, we'll have you sign a contract saying that you won't sue us if we use your design. PLEASE, people, don't be horrible human beings. The designs will be OURS!!!! We will be able to use it however we want, whenever we want, on whomever we want.

*If I like more than one design....heck, I just might pick a couple of them.

*Ahem, I don't want vulgar, suggestive, or sexual things on the dang stickers. I want these to be classy, like my company.

*I really just want a cute logo feel to the stickers. Feel free to draw any of our corsets. I LOVE cephalopods, victorian stuff, damask prints, lace, skulls, rock star stuff, and of course, steampunkery.

OH, BY THE WAY, if I didn't have graphic design knowledge, i would seriously just make a friend do it for me, pay them $50, and get the $350 for myself. I'm just saying....;)

Good LUCK!


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    1. She is, in essence, paying the winner $350. As fans of her work, there are those of us skilled enough and more than happy to help her out this way for a chance to own a corset or two. If you're a graphic designer hurting for work, wouldn't your time be better spent marketing yourself rather than bashing a small business owner? I think *that* sounds fair.

  2. Your skirt is so cute - you make an endless supply of things that I want!

  3. Wish I had seen this post before last night. XD; Got an entry in though.

  4. Oh I really like that dress you are wearing!

  5. Upon reading your post, I was a little frustrated since I have just read your blog and wasn't able to join your sticker design contest. I am certainly a sticker-aholic, love stickers since I was a kid.

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