Thursday, March 13, 2014

Wild West Steampunk Convention

Wow, you guys get a rare treat, where I actually post more pictures than words. I know this whole page looks super ego-tistical. I promise,  it's really UN-tistical!! (holy night, that word is awkward.) I would like to thank each and every one of you who came into my booth for the last for weekends of shows, whether you bought something, talked to me, told me awesome jokes, brought me goodies, or just looked so beautiful that I was inspired by your magnificence!

Me and my babies. Notice Brynn's super awesome white faux leather motorcycle vest. I went to H&M the night previous to find some tights, and instead found the coolest kids clothing I had ever seen, whereupon, I had a nervous breakdown freaking out about how fervently I wanted my own daughter to have the cool clothing that I never felt like I had, while at the same time being nervous that she would end up "too cool"....it's a many layered brain problem, trust me. When you grow up poor, lots of times you want to make up for what you DIDN'T have, and you try to make it up through your kids. It's problematic. 

Holy face, this woman next to me is one of those ones that is so gorgeous that she almost made me nervous when she came into the booth. I  almost feel like, "Wow...these people are so cool...cool people like  my stuff...can that REALLY be REAL???"  Very intimidated. I promise.  (Erin, it's freaking true.)

what the crap, this pose looks a little more..uh...suggestive than I wanted it to look. I don't EVER take selfies, but I was trying to get a good shot of the epic Boba Fett Fez that I had just purchased to go along with my Star Wars tights. My hand on my chest is really just me trying to hold the dang camera cord out of the way. 

Ariat boots, purchased in Texas. I knew I would hate myself if I didn't get a pair of cowgirl boots in that great state!!!

Okay, SERIOUSLY, look at all of the accessories here! This splendid couple made everything they're wearing! I was absolutely enamored! And they couldn't have been more sweet. 

what the WHAT?!!!!  A Gentleman Dalek? Yup. 

Better picture where you can see my Boba Fett Fez to go with my tights. 

Leif, the little baby that came out of me 3 months ago. He is the reason that I'm absent from the booth so much, because I have to run and feed him every two hours. He didn't like taking breastmilk from the bottle, bless his little heart. 

My favorite ribbon I've ever seen at a convention. 

Jasmine(did I spell it right) is so freaking adorable! She had a shrunken head in a jar as part of her costume, and explained that it was her ex-boyfriend....also she fills all of the other interesting shaped bottles with crazy junk and hung them off of her belt! One of them was filled with hair gel. It looked marvelous. Also, her dad was one of the coolest men I've ever met. 

If you pay attention at our booth, you'll notice that we always try to hang our corsets in a Roy G. Biv pattern. 

Paige and Katy, the only reason I survived these last crazy weeks of constant travel. I LOVE my team!!  (OH, also, note that Paige's eye makeup is done in a hand-painted leopard print. Hecks yes!)


  1. Oh gawd there are light blue things! There better be some in September or I may die. Or need people to buy me things at an earlier one and mail them. Also, Michelle, you are like the coolest, most fashionista person I know. Not kidding!

  2. Hopefully all the weather issues will be gone in Norman. Seriously, the weather in Texas was crazy. I got a sunburn on Saturday and then it snowed on Sunday!! Glad I got to see your stuff in person!

  3. You're killing me with those awesome Peplum Coats!!

  4. You look amazing yourself! Who created your Boba Fett hat? It looks amazing with your outfit. Wish you were vending at the Steampunk Empire Symposium, we are having Steampunk Star Wars this year!

  5. Gorgeous! Don't worry about being too cool, you're definitely one hip momma! Those who browsed your shop looked amazing too! I'm particularly partial to the male machinist look with the 3/4 hat. That's the type of costume I can imagine myself in! Anyway, love your work! Cheers!

    Shawn @ Machine Age Lamps

  6. You're killing me with those awesome Peplum Coats!!