Monday, September 22, 2014

Principles of Epic Costuming:Chapter 7

I genuinely believe that costuming is good for the soul. There is a reason why Halloween is such a beloved holiday, and it's not just the excess spikes in dopamine and seratonin levels from high fructose corn syrup!

When you are putting together a costume in the manner that is thoughtful and methodical, it helps you to confront the negativity monster in your head.  Believe me, it needs confrontation every single day, and it absolutely THRIVES when you retreat, give up, wallow, stress, and falter.  However, the very act of going out into public with your head held high, in a costume that you compiled yourself out of your ideas and passions is a victory!  You are firmly telling that mean voice in your head that you are here to share your art with others, to inspire them and connect with them!  You are here to help conquer the monsters in OTHER people's heads! It is a triumph for all!

One of the greatest blessings of my life is seeing my customers out at festivals and conventions CONNECTING with each other. It may be a casual high-five as they walk past each other in a crowd. It may be a knowing nod and a single questioned phrase, "Damsel?" met with an approving smile. More often than not, it's women that are excited about each other and the costume ideas that they have created! They will stop and compliment, ask questions, revel, and rejoice!

I wake up almost every morning thinking, "Holy crap, I cannot do this today. I can't accomplish the things I want to. It is too hard to please all of these women. I don't have the strength. I cannot do it. I cannot face any negative comments. I can't do another show. This is so emotionally exhausting."  and a whole host of other untruths. It usually takes me the whole entire day to turn this around to "I LOVE my job! I love the women that support us! I love creation! I love my brain! I love my body! I love the bodies of my customers! I love everybody!!!! I love corsets! I love romance! I love hope! I love joy! I even love the bad things in my life because they make me LOVE the good things even more, in contrast!!! Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

I want to tell you right now, the corsets have a magic in them, and even though I'm not the one who created the magic, I like to think of myself as a purveyor of the magic.   This magic is the only thing that can defeat the horrible monster...at least until tomorrow. ;)


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  2. Love you encouragement to women to escape from the daily insanity. When I stuff my bod into your gorgeous corset, I transform in to that curvy crazy wild women I had always dreamed of!!!!! Lol. You go girl!!!! Hugs

  3. You're spot on, Michelle. Ever heard the song "Greater" by MercyMe? I love it. It describes exactly what you and I and many others experience daily: wrestling with discouragement, ugliness and lies from the Enemy (the monster inside, as it were), but finding strength not to believe any of it, and instead to remember that we are beautiful and worthwhile in God's eyes.

    You definitely have a gift. Keep on sharing it and put that monster on the run!

  4. I'm so confused by the first comment here and wonder what relevance it has to the article. I saw nothing that would discourage any young woman from choosing to go on a mission or go to church. I think the responsibility for such decisions is with the individual and cannot be blamed on anyone else. Even if you think someone is influencing someone, nobody (especially here) is holding a gun to anyone's head. I think maybe you should re evaluate your perspective and leave this blog be. As they say "there is a time and place for all things".

    As for Michelle and her article, I think it's great that she can inspire others to be confident with their physical selves thru her passion. I don't think there are enough people who do that for young women and I think she is a great example of being proud of who you are no matter what you look like. I feel so uncomfortable being my size most of the time.. And her beautifully made corsets have helped me with that more than just a bit. Seems silly, but when you feel beautiful, it radiates to those around you and changes you positively attitude wise. I'm glad she shares herself and her gift to everyone. Hugs to you and thank you Michelle!

    1. Why thank you, my dear! I was completely confused by the anonymous comment, and I'm afraid I had to delete it because I was so thoroughly confused. What the WHAT? Anyway, I always have to remember, the lady that was criticizing me was saying something about HERSELF, not anything about me or my article. ;)

  5. Good point! I'm glad you deleted it. Completely not needed. I love your doodles and blogs so keep the coming :3