Friday, January 2, 2015

Smashing the A.N.T.S.!

      I heard something recently that absolutely delighted me!  I was listening to a podcast, and the guy was giving advice about how to change your life, and he said that you had to great REALLY good at smashing the "A.N.T.s" in your life....or rather Automatic-Negative-Thoughts.  Brilliant, BRILLIANT!

       Just this morning, I thought,  "Okay, I'm going to write in my journal, like I've been promising myself for years" and then I AUTOMATICALLY thought, "Yeah, but you don't have enough time. You've got to get to work sewing corsets."  And then I thought, "I'm going to smash that thought into oblivion with this EVEN BETTER THOUGHT!  My even better thought was, "Michelle, do you live in a scarcity mindset or an abundance mindset? Is there truly not enough time for you to take care of yourself and gain more self respect by keeping promises you made to yourself? "
        This was a much better thought because it INSPIRED ME, and it MADE ME THINK, and it OPENED UP MY MIND TO NEW IDEAS!  The automatic negative thought would have done this domino effect, most likely, if I had let it. Michelle thinks there's not enough time. Michelle doesn't pause to reflect on her life and how she could be better by journaling. Instead, she just gets to work, head down, brain frustrated. That frustrated brain is living in a world where there is not enough time, and that creates stress. That stress gets sewn into the corsets, and then there are more customer problems down the road, because of that negative energy. Michelle thinks that if there's not enough time, there's also not enough money, and by thinking that, she automatically steers energy AWAY from her company and her products.  (I truly believe people can feel the environment in which a product is created. In handmade products, there is generally LIFE, and LOVE, and VITALITY, and a STORY!  In mass-produced, cheaply manufactured, products that are only sewn to get gain, and not to serve, there is an absence of life,  love, and vitality. There is deadness. There is disrespect. There is no reason to hold onto, or treasure these things. They just get thrown away and you replace them with another. Who the heck cares?  Yuck.)  And the negativity spreads like wildfire from there.
         An ABUNDANCE mindset says this.  There is enough time for ME. There is enough money in this world for everyone to be successful, at their own comfort level, if they are taught to train their brain to reach out and grab a hold of it! There is enough HEALTH for everyone, if we can educate ourselves about food that will nourish our mind, body, and soul. If we can learn that food is our medicine, and medicine can be our food. There is enough POSITIVE THOUGHTS for everyone in the world to have them, and there is more that can be created.    There is enough LOVE for all of us, both to share with others and with ourselves.  There is enough compassion. There is enough potential. There is not only "enough".....there is an ABUNDANCE!
         I read through a meditation that told you to do something like this- Breathe deeply, relax, close your eyes, and imagine the ocean with the crashing waves and the millions of grains of sand. Here is abundance.  You can take your bucket and go and reach into the ocean and get some water....immediately, more water fills up that space. There could be a never ending PILE of people, our brothers and sisters on this world, going and reaching their pails into the water, and it wouldn't diminish......there is enough for everyone. There is so much.  So, so much for all of us!

         I am grateful for my customers that teach me about abundance. They tell their friends about our products and our company culture. They tell their family. There are more people that come in and feel the love that I want to share with my corsets.  All of these people feel more love for their bodies when they're wearing a beautiful, handmade garment, and then they spread that love and generosity onto more people.

         There is an abundance of all the good things you want in your life.

          The A.N.T.s come from a scarcity mindset.  Listen carefully to your negative thoughts......are they telling you that there is enough good and love?  No, they always speak of a lack, no matter what the thought is or where it's coming from.  Scarcity is hideous, and it creates more and more of itself.  I strongly urge you to smash it, along with me, and together, we can live in abundance!

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  1. curious was it an old pod cast of Les McGuire as that is who it sound like you are talking about "the producer revolution".