Friday, December 11, 2015

12 Days of Christmas-Day 1

 Celebrating all you FOXY ladies!  By the way, I thought I was really cool when I was a teenager, because the last 4 digits of my parent's home phone number were 3694, and if you look on a phone pad, you will realize that the obvious LETTERs to assign to this phone number were F-O-X-I.  When I gave my phone number out to cute boys (which happened all of 1.756 times) I would write THAT on their hand. Ooooh yeeeah.
 No worries friends, my sister has already promised to make more of these. This is the sister that is more talented at making goofy little animals than I, and so I send all of my "animal-y" fabric scraps to her! ;) This is also the sister that sewed felt pterodactyls for us when she was 6 years old.....I had a blessed childhood.
 I imagine people wearing these with a big beehive updo, a wool poncho (but not a poncho...because that is an ugly word...what is the other word? Ah! MANTLE! Thanks, Thesaurus.com!) and a string of pearls, along with skinny black pants and super pointy high heels. I can't currently model this for you, but I hope you can imagine it!

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