Friday, December 4, 2015

The Really Cool Offers from REALLY Cool People

     Okay, friends! I know that this was only supposed to go out to people who obtained our Black Friday Grab Bags, BUT after hours of trying to figure out how to work with PDFs, save them as proper links, and trying a million other different google searches, I gave up and I'm putting these offers on my blog. If you were a vendor who was generous enough to give us sweet deals, I'm just hoping that this goes out to MORE people and you get more business, (my customers REALLY are fantastic ladies!).  If you are someone who bought a grab bag and you think its unfair that other people that DIDN'T purchase should get these deals, maybe you...could...um......think of it as a Christmas Miracle? 

      If the images are too small, click on them, and they go to full size. You can print them out and hang them up, because they are beautiful and inspiring. 

for THIS ONE, it's only available on our Damsel in this Dress artfire shop, and I PROMISE we will have the coolest pieces you've ever seen listed NEXT WEEK! 


  1. Thank you! Stay calm and happy holidays, good luck with the baby <3

  2. Tyty ty u rock on so many levels.. my bag is en route for delivery.. I'm hoping my huni let's me open it early lol... ♡🐞christal