Monday, January 25, 2016

"BeLIEf, Part 2"

       Well, here we are. I'm writing this as promised. And, you know? I think this stuff might finally be sinking in. I'm extremely proud of myself, because I am CATCHING myself right in the middle of saying things that are foolhardy, lacking in truth, and the opposite of what I desire. Even this morning, my son asked if we could go to the store, and I started to say "No, I have a headache coming on and I'm feeling like crap" and it felt like the words were fully formed, but I was blundering around, trying to catch the little guys as they were spilling out of me. In that EXACT second, I thought- Do I want to have a headache? Why would I make that true with the power of my words? Do I want to feel "like crap"? What kind of message is that for my son? What kind of message is that for me? I am not crap. I will never be crap. There is no possible way I could ever be crap, no matter what I do in this life. Why would I try to "feel" my way to crap? What the WHAT???? Anyhow, I was pretty proud of myself for turning it around and saying, "Todd, I am excited to go to places too. We will not be leaving right at this moment, but you and I can both do specific things right now to enable us to happily go to the store."

      And then....well, this part was just crazy. I really did "feel" that headache coming on, but I thought this instead over and over and over. "My head is light and all tension is gone from my brain. There is no reason to feel any self-loathing or stress. I release this up and out of my being, and I take my power back. I am grateful for how wonderful I feel, and how clear and light my mind IS."  I then said a prayer, and then, for good measure, got out some essential oils, gently dabbed them on, inhaled deeply, and took massive, cleansing, HEALING breaths. I focused on breathing in relaxation and breathing out stress and tension.

     Honestly, I felt a moment of panic because I thought, "I still feel the headache! Maybe it's not...." but then I stopped myself. This is about the power of my freaking brain!! I am MORE powerful THAN THIS!!!  I didn't even let the thought finished. I repeated the previous steps.

     10 minutes later, my peaceful words were true, and I felt no headache at all. At. All.
    Isn't is absolutely CRAZYPANTS that there are so many "funny" little phrases that are tossed carelessly around. It's part of our dang culture! When people are indulging in their problems, you are SHUNNED if you don't nod and agree and roll your eyes and talk about how much your life sucks. I'm serious here. This is creepy stuff.  These little phrases just roll easily off the tongue. They're in sitcoms. They're in your status update. They're what you casually say to strangers. We are all comfortable with them, and they are completely poisonous.

      I think it's so funny that people will get all offended and up in arms about profanity, but those same people will say treacherous things like "Well, you know, that's just the way the world is."  Holy face! According to WHOM?? (hey, did I use the "whom" right? I'm trying to work on this stuff.)

      Here's the thing friends. When you use the power of the spoken word, you are wielding a MIGHTY weapon, especially if you are talking to someone you care about. When you speak forth words of illness, scarcity, negativity, and fear, you start NOTICING and GIVING POWER to those exact same things more and more.

      I read a wonderful book on the Law of Attraction, and it said to think of your thoughts and spoken words as a literal google search.  Whatever you type in, that's what you will get. EVEN if you "type in"  the words "I do not want to attract creepy men", the universe will give you a perfect "search" of creepy men. Ugh. Think of what that would bring up in the google image search. YUCK.

    What you focus upon, you get more of.  (sorry, I know that isn't correct grammar. Oh, holy night. I'm focusing on bad grammar! There's going to be dangling participles ALL UP IN HERE!)

      I always find it sadly amusing when women come into my booth at Renaissance Festivals and say ANY or ALL of the phrases in my image above. How can you possibly expect to say, "I never find what I want and they never have my size" and then somehow GET what you want in your size? That's like planting  a tomato seed and expecting some nice jicama. No, it's worse. It's like planting a tomato seed and expecting a cuddly koala bear. What the WHAT???

      On the flip side, I absolutely love it when a woman comes  in, goes straight to the exact thing she wants on the rack, pulls out the RIGHT SIZE (yeah, this is creepy, because we carry about 25 sizes, and corsets are very specifically sized)  and then we try it on and it just HAPPENS to match everything she is wearing EXACTLY. She will pump her fist in the air and declare, "Yes, I always find perfect things for me!"  Well.....there you have it. I want to be this lady, personally. How about you?

        What do you want? Really. What do you WANT?  What are you putting into your "google search" of your life. This morning, when you looked into the mirror, did you see what you wanted? Or did you focus  on all of the ways in which you are hideous and unacceptable? Isn't it just as easy to focus in on all the things you like about yourself? Doesn't that feel a bajillion times better?  What seed are you planting today, and what are you expecting tomorrow?

       Like I said, I'm starting to catch myself in my "lies" and it feels amazing. Do me a favor. Stop tolerating casual, but fatal, flippant little comments from the people you love. Stop allowing them in your own brain. After all, what kind of life is it when you "always" get what you "never" want?

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