Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Winter Sale!!!

Okay, friends, here's the deal. I need to make some money so I can be rich, and you need to help me. Probably no one looks at this, but if you actually are viewing this, you need to know that we're having a winter sale on our ebay store.http://stores.ebay.com/Damsel-in-this-Dress-Corsets
there's the link. Now you have no excuse but to hop online and buy a ton of corsets at hideously low prices! Our sale will be running through February, but our stock will keep going down and down. Good luck, and please help us not be poor anymore!


  1. you look amazing, you really do and you photograph so well. I just went to the angel's camp fair and i saw your bodices everywhere and everyone looked so good. As soon as I am able I will definitely purchase one of your bodices. My husband and I recently eloped and in a few years when we can afford it I really want to do the whole wedding party. I am very excited. I really love your work and I'd never guess that you were 195, I am at 200 right now and no matter what I do it feels like my weight will never leave me (stress my husband, whom I just married, is going to Iraq next month), but i still have hope be it discouraged, it is still hope. Well take care I may prosperity bless you through and through this merry new year.
    much love April
    myspace.com/titsout... but i never check it, but at least you could see a picture of me,in which i was 185, but 15 pounds doesn't add much but flesh.

  2. You look fabulous!

    I get so many compliments on my pirate coat - but the best one is my husbands eyes when he sees me in it.

    I am so kciking myself that I missed your winter sale.

    Anyway - i posted your site on a corset forum I'm in in November. So if you get any orders from suicidegirls - that's from me...

  3. You are amazing, absolutely great!