Friday, December 28, 2007

Pictures of the New Design!

Well, Friends, here is my new design. It's an empire corsair bodice that's worn over a wench corset. Quite dashing and fun. I'm pretty proud of it, and I've already sold 4! Yay! Then there's a picture of me and my little girl, Brynn, dressed up. She loves Pirates. Yarrrr!!


  1. This is by far my favorite bodice set that I have ever seen. I'm going to California Pleasure Faire in the spring and I really want this bodice set to wear for it!

  2. Okay so basically damseldress.com is my new haven. My friend Kristin gave me that site because I loved her bodice. Anywho- at first I saw the main gallery of bodices and I was like O_O. "This woman is not ashamed of her breasts!!" I was shy I'll admit it and strayed away, I did not think I had enough jazz to pull off that look as great as it was. But last night I was watching phantom of the opera (2004) and again did another O_O...and then a *twitch*. I ran to the computer pulled up your site so quickly I think my computer is still crying, and looked at all your pieces. It was then when I saw "IT". The most amazing thing ever! Your empire corsair bodice/corset (sorry I butchered the name)*epic music*. It was then in my mind an idea exploded. A hot female phantom of the opera played by muah. The top corset would be black and the wench corset would be white. Strap those to a body with black trousers, and a kick ass phantom mask and there you have it ladies and gents an UBERTASTIC garb set! *evil laughing*. My mother is horrified and my friends are worried, and my father is trying to lock me into a closet. All I need is to order the damn thing. This is where sadness kicks in: I have a convention in three weeks and cannot even dream to buy it until afterwards...*many sighs*...but I thought I let you know that you design is well loved, at least in my mind for a start. Expect me to be placing an order soon!. *much love*

    Come to my faire if you love me at all!!!..jk but do consider I know you is already B.O.O.K.E.D maybe next year eh? Washington Renaissance Fantasy Faire...:) until we meet again in this cyber world. ...okay I've reached dorkdom. Goodbye :)

    Lindsey Haight
    Washington, US