Friday, June 13, 2008

Ladies, Ladies

For any of you interested, this is my crew. To the left is my sister-in-law, Jill :exceptional bread-baking-baby-making-corset-sewing genius. To the right, my lovely sister, Emma= Cartoonist extraordinaire+personality+apron&skirt seduction.

These gals are part of the reason I'm even able to do any renaissance festivals....However, if any of you are ever interested in working for me at a ren fest, throw me an e-mail that impresses and astounds me and I'll gladly hire you. You can either work for free bodices or money. ;)



  1. Hey, I'd love to work for you! I think there are fests in Utah. Anyway, it sounds like fun!!

  2. Do I need a sign that says "Will work for Bodices" or is that already obvious? :)

  3. You gals are lovely! Anytime your back in OK, let me know! I can be at Norman or OKRF. I guess in the meantime, I'll just drool over your bodices on the keyboard.

  4. I wish you would come to Wisconsin to the Bristol Faire..Your items are awesome..

  5. Hey Michelle!

    Well, I would love to work for you at Renaissance faires!!! I don't really have the means to travel to any other states than Oregon or Washington, but I love sewing- my grandmother was a professional seamstress and she's taught me some stuff... I've made dresses and skirts and I've made (with her instruction), a few renaissance fair dresses for myself and my two sisters... I just love your work and I think you are the coolest person ever!!!!


  6. If you're ever in the NY/MA/CT area for faires, I'd be all about working for your booth! Seems like you're more in the Midwest for shows, sadly.

  7. If you were in NY I'd friggin be there already lol.

    btw Michelle please let me know when you're not so busy, I don't want to bug you. I'm having a fitting issue with my pirate corset though and it makes me really sad :( you can reach me: bernda43 @ gmail.com (minus the spaces of coarse, my hotmail gets too much junk so I switched) Thanks so much! *hugs*

  8. I would love to work for bodices at the Fresno, California event.
    I can also add the added incentive of providing you a place to stay.

    I love your products - I spent the entire Reno Ren Faire fielding questions regarding the pirate coat I was wearing and giving out your web address. My husband and I actually went there specifically to see you.

    It's nice to know that there are women like you who actually make plus-size fashion that flatters us.

    I expect that I'll have to do the same at the Northern Faire at Casa Da Fruta in Holister - due to our proximity we usually go three to four times over the six week event.

    BTW - the pirate coat I purchadsed from you ended up being my wedding dress on Thanksgiving Day last year.

    Keep up the good work!

  9. Nice costumes I really like them.
    And I love renaissance.