Friday, July 25, 2008

I am serious

Hey, friends and customers. I am serious about that 30% off that I mentioned at the end of my previous angry ranting blog. Admittedly, I did make that promise in the heat of the moment ;), but if it means that some ladies can get bodices for a better price, then let's do it. HOWEVER, THE OFFER ONLY STANDS UNTIL AUGUST 15TH. We are going full swing into fall season, which is our busiest renaissance festival season, and by then I will be backed up with orders for several weeks, and I won't be able to accept as many new orders as I would like.


  1. Can I get a bustle skirt instead to compliment my bodice! I am in love with them, and the only place I've seen it is in the Etsy auction. : )

  2. Wow. I read the whole thing after reading this post, wondering why you were giving people a discount. I got to the bottom and went, "what, that's all I have to do?!"

    It figures I just put myself on a tight budget to account for autumn semester costs.


  3. I would love to take you up on your offer, but um, well, bodices and growing babies just contradict one another. Perhaps after the new year.

  4. Really? I was looking at buying a corset on ebay (devientdrow) but I don't think it was my size. So I can really order one and get 30% off??? I will order right now!

  5. OK, i have been drooling over your corsets since I saw them onEbay and saying oooooooh honey look at this one, when I saw your blog about the 30% off he said if it will get you to finally order one and let me get on with whatever he is doing at the moment, hey I thought all games had pause buttons, lol, order one. So here I am , ready to order, just tell me how to measure correctly and I am there. Who says that they wont give in as long as your interrupt them at the most inoportune times, woooohoooo.

  6. Hi there! I happened to stumble upon your site when I found some of your pieces on Etsy.com (OMG! LUSTING after your Corsair Set!!) Just wanted to say thanks for making gorgous clothing for us bigger busted ladies. I'm hoping to purchase this set or now that I've found your website, one of your other creations, with one of my next paychecks. HOPEFULYL before August 15th! Anyways. Just wanted to gush. THANKS!:)


  7. WOW...your stuff is absolutely BREATHTAKING! I want one of EACH. LOL I'll be placing an order for a wench bodice, as I have need of it for a Pirate Festival next month. Woohoooo!! 30% off is ALWAYS helpful! I thought I was going to have to squish into my stupid old bodice that makes me look stumpy. YAY!! I can't wait!!!

  8. I can totally relate to the post below this one (this is Dyane from Cedar City, by the way).

    I have made bodices, they never fit right & they never hold up for very long. I stopped sewing them years ago and started buying them. If you ladies have never worn one of Michelle's bodices, you need to order one. The moment you put it on, you'll be wanting to wear it with everything you own. You CAN'T make the quality & style that Michelle creates, not for less than you can buy it from her & certainly not better than she does.

    I'm posting a blog about the wonders of these beautiful items & how much I love them :)

  9. I was searching the internet, wanting to attempt to make my own ren garb as I have some sewing experience and experience with pattern making and it's impossible for me to buy something "off the rack." I stumbled on your site and now I'm just intimidated! :D

    Your work is stunning! I can't imagine the time and work that's gone into adapting the patterns, making patterns and then creating such amazing pieces. You are currently my hero. :D