Friday, January 23, 2009

Corsets make babies

I just need to take this moment to say congratulations to the lovely lady in the middle who just had her little baby girl! This is me and my friends, Natalie and Amanda at the Las Vegas Renaissance Festival. As you can see, Natalie makes the hottest pregnant renaissance pirate lass ever!! Any of you who have one of our lovely victorian/steampunk bustle skirts can also thank Natalie, for she is my seamstress who makes all the skirts so I can make the corsets. I used to make everything myself (Well..me and my husband) and I had this great idea that it was only ever going to be me sewing, and that way I could always know exactly how everything was made and what went into it...however, as our company has grown, thanks to the tremendous support of our amazing customers, I've had to contract out the blouses and skirts. It's my own Mom who actually makes the lovely blouses (let's face it...the woman taught me to sew, and she kicks my rear at sewing.) as well as my aunt, so I feel good about keeping the work in the family. I design all the patterns and then I trained my mom, my aunt, my sister, and Natalie to sew using all of my methods and rules. This way, I would be able to concentrate on the bodices, which are my true passion, and then I wouldn't have to worry about creating a whole inventory or corsets, BLOUSES, AND SKIRTS! I started out doing it all myself....but not anymore. And I think we're doing tons better! Plus, my sister has a small Midwest branch of our company, and they do the ebay store, and do an AMAZING job for our ebay customers! I never dreamed that I would get to this point, but I'm very glad I have.....however, I don't want to ever become some big company. I cherish the personal relations I can have with my customers and even though trying to do all of my own customer service, make all the custom order corsets, and create entire inventories for renaissance festivals has nearly killed me and my husband, I wouldn't have it any other way! Oh, back to the original subject. Congrats to Natalie and her hunk of a husband Dave on the birth of their little girl, Eleanor/Nora!


  1. You all look marvelous! Many many congrats to the new mama 8D

    ... ironically, the wor verification I have to type in is 'tumbaby'... tummy=baby?? Wow XD

    Its amazing, that you have your own business and keep in with family and friends. I really respect you. 8) And I really hope to become a customer soon!

  2. Congrats to your friend and her little girl! I'm happy for you that your business is doing so well and expanding, keep up the good work :-D
    I'm loving the Victorian pieces (as I've mentioned in email) and the steampunk stuff too. I'll have to send pics in the airship corset when I get it, I can barely contain my excitement!

  3. I am completely in love with your corsets. When my sister, Amanda, told me she was going to Las Vegas to sell corsets, I thought she was insane. Then she showed me the pictures. And her corset. I am saving up for one and I now periodically look at your website and your blog. It was kind of cool to look at your blog and see my sister! And Natalie pre-baby!

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