Monday, January 12, 2009

More Steampunk Stuff

Okay, this is a combination of a pile of corsets of mine. I know, you've seen all these elements before, but I do like them all together like this. So, this short jacket can be worn sleeveless for the look at the bottom, or you can even just wear the waist portion. I really like creating pieces that can go into a million different outfits and looks. I understand that my corsets are sometimes pricey, so I try to not only make them versatile but I also think of them as being able to go beyond just one look or time period. This could go to a pirate festival, a Dickens festival, and a ren fest and you'd look freaking hot at all of them.
If you're interested in getting this piece, just contact me at seamstress@damseldress.com!! As always, thank you! I love you, my dear customers!


  1. I actually, ah, have a hard time envisioning the sleeves and how they'd fit on a person. I love this thing and reeeally think I'd be interested in getting it, in maybe one or two months from now when I can afford it. But, I'm sure I'm not the only person with these feelings toward the sleeves, so you might garner more interest if you can get someone to try it on and take a picture? I know I'd appreciate being able to see it : >

  2. By the by, I looove the new patchwork corset idea. They look beautiful and you get rid of fabric scraps at the same time? Awesome!

  3. I agree with jess about having a hard time envisioning the sleeves, but I really like the idea. I guess it doesn't hurt that clothes wise I'm adventuring into steampunk myself.

    sidenote: lol my word verification has "luv" in the middle.