Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sonora Celtic Faire, BLAST AND A HALF!

All right! Here are some pictures from the last renaissance festival I did! I know it's good for my customers to see these on actual flesh and bone people, rather than stuffing and packaging tape mannequins (Yes friends..I make my own mannequins because to buy the hard foam ones, it's dang expensive! Plus, when you make your own, you can control their body shapes and make them look more like real women. Oh, and they're sort of squishy, because they're stuffed with poly-fil, and thus, a corset can actually mold them. ) Anyway, so this is my California crew. The top picture is my friend, Ariel who coincidentally sews like a crazy woman. (if you ever want an amazing pair of pirate breeches, she'll hook you up. www.sewbeitcreations.etsy.com )

This is Laura, Moxie, Me and Amy. We're all wearing furs that we purchased at the festival. If you could get a closer look, you'd see goofy little faces and eyes on the ones Moxie and I are wearing. I never realized how fun it was to wear fur!!! I felt like some trophy wife with a rich old man husband or something.
Then, the main point of this blog entry is to show you all the Buccaneer Bodice, which will be in my new Pirate line of corsets!! I'm really excited about how we're going to redesign our website! You'll go into the bodices page, and then you'll get to choose from our separate lines of corsets: The Pirate Line, The Renaissance Line, the Steampunk Line, The Fairies and Fantasy Line and maybe...a belly dancing line. The only reason I say "maybe" on that one is because I don't know any girls who would want to bear their bellies that live close enough to me to model! Goodness knows I wouldn't show you guys my lovely stretch marks/battle scars. Speaking of which, I went through all that trouble and craziness to bring two of God's children onto this earth, and He gave me stretch marks and extra fat in return??? I have a few things to talk to Him about. I know, I know, he's blessed me beyond belief in every aspect of my life except my stomach, so maybe I shouldn't be complaining....but still.....
stupid stretch marks.


  1. Can't wait to see the new website!

  2. I like the pirate corsets! I wish I had enough extra money to buy one ...

  3. At least you have kids to go with the stretch marks. :) And I'm loving the pirate corset. When can I expect it on the site?

  4. I was so nice to meet you! me and my room mate got our corsets yesterday such fast turn around they look amazing. We hope to see you at an other faire soon! (i'm the one who has the big boobs )

  5. Can't believe I was trying on and ordering the pirate coat last Sunday at the faire, and now, less than a week later I have already received my coat, made just the way I wanted it!! The fit is as fabulous as you promised - thank you so much!!

  6. I just spent the last 2 hours or so drooling all over your work (my bad)!! I only wish I'd known about you before my wedding last year - the lady I had make my corset did such a shoddy job. I shoulda had one of yours!!

  7. Eeek, I love the new designs! Curse you, I finally decide on the hooded bodice, and then I go and jaunt over to your blog and now I'm torn again... *sigh*

    You're coming back to the Age of Chivalry fair in Vegas this year, yes? Yes? Of course you are, because you know how much we luv you. :-D

  8. Howdy!
    So, long time lurker here, I can't believe you werre in Sonora (where I might have actually seen you in person) and I didn't know about it. Arg! Comming back to California any time soon?

    Since my friend ordered one of your new Steampunk Corsets both of us have been talking you up in this area. No one that we have met so far has heard of you, so I'm pleased to say we are doing our part for small businesses!

    As to finding models for your BellyBance line, in California, when you need a bellydancer, the best bet is to find a nice Morroccan or Lebanese restaurant with a floor show on Saturday and approach the belly dancer after the show. These people are amazingly friendly and open and that is how I found my three belly dance classes (in three different cities) and two favorite bellydance costume shops. Or, you know, you could try Craig's List.

    I only speak because I wish to see these belly dance corsets of which you speak!

    Anyway, Cheers!


  9. these are wonderful pictures! Oh it looks like so much fun, its good to see what the corsets are looking on people!

  10. i checked all the shops of yours on net, and now blog too. i heard your shop froma friends of mine in DeviantArt, who bought a wench corset and very happy about it. I wish i could be at the fairs and buy one, but unfortunately i'm stuck in here. Shipment price is also keeping me from ordering :C
    still, i loved your buccaneer corset! and would love to order one. . . even thought payment would be a problem since 100+$ billed stuff makes quite a problem at the border . . .

  11. Bellydancer models: aside from the three very awesome bellydance girls that BOOM picked up in the last couple of years, I joined a professional troupe a couple of months ago. We're Egyptian Cab, but I'm thinking of doing an Empire for pirate and individual dancing. BOOM is happy to model for you! :D