Sunday, April 19, 2009

Home is Where the Booth Is.

Hey, friends! So, I've been crazy busy lately (who can ever say they're "not busy"? Have you ever noticed how any time you ask anyone how they're doing, they either say, "good" "fine" or "busy"? I wonder if human beings have any other settings. And what about when you're having a total piece of crap day, and someone asks you how you are...shouldn't you say, "Well, I actually have the weight of the world on my shoulders, how about you?" I guess we're all liars.)
Anyway, this week, I learned about why I wasn't sent to this earth to be a carpenter. See this cute little picture of the building right there? This is our new booth at the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival!!! Yay!!! www.okcastle.com We finally moved up in the world from having a tent to a permanant structure! The building was built for us, and we got to finish the inside and do any decorative work on it that we wanted to. So, this is the part where I learned that maybe sitting at a sewing machine for hours a day doesn't build rock hard abs and physical endurance. A day of putting up sheet rock, texturing, and painting nearly killed me!! I would post a picture of the inside (the walls are great! I found this color of green that I was in love with...but for some reason the color was named "La Fonda Olive"....what the dickens??? So, like the girl off of Napoleon Dynamite inspired a paint color? Odd....) but I want to wait to show you guys picture of the inside until we put the bodices in there and make it into a swanky little boutique type of booth!!!
I do feel like I made some small accomplishment with the outside. I went and picked out some cute metal grates to go on the side of the window and up by the roof, and then I picked out the lantern by the door. And then I did the most important part! I stood on the ground at 9:00 at night, holding a goofy little flashlight shining up on the building, while my tall skinney 6'4" 17-year-old brother perched on a ladder screwing the decor onto the outside walls as I yelled out instructions on where to place them. That is about the extent of my carpentry abilities.
Thus, if any of you are in the area, feel free to come by any of the 5 weekends in May!! I will be there with lots and LOTS of amazing corsets.


  1. Your shop is adorable! I can't wait to see pictures of the inside.
    Also, I am insanely jealous -- I'm still stuck in a 10x10 pop-up myself. I shall aspire to this sort of success for my own shop!

  2. I am so excited to come see you in your brand new shop! You don't know me from Adam, but I'll be there the third weekend in May to buy something from you! The possibilites are endless and I can't WAIT! (I wonder if I can use any more exclamation points) !!! Look, I did.

  3. I can't wait to go into your booth this year! I will have a booth also, I'll be located inside the castle with my artwork :o)


  4. I will be seeing it this coming weekend!! Can't wait!

    I need some new digs fo sho. And, like always, I am going to do my best to coerce another of my friends to buy a complete outfit from you. That will make me 3 for 3!