Wednesday, April 22, 2009

An Owl with a Gun

If any of you have ever wondered what happens to the inevitable mountains of scraps that our business generates, here's a charming example of what happens to them. This is a "Shoot Owl" (rather than "hoot owl") made from some scraps that I possessed. It all started when my little blonde blue-eyed 2-year-old boy wanted to play with my antique owl necklaces, and I didn't really fancy that notion. I told him that Mommy would make him an owl, and then he yelled, "Shoot Owl!" So, that's how this thing came about. Sorry to any of you that are opposed to guns. It's just that my little guy LOVES "sharpknives" and "shootguns" , as he calls them. And you know, I believe in just letting little boys be boys. My little guy will have enough exposure to the gentle side of life, seeing as both his Dad and Mom make corsets for a living.


  1. Aw he's cute.

    I'm surprised he didn't want his owl with a train... :D

  2. That is so awesome! :) You are so creative! :)

  3. Aww! That's cute. My gunsmith DH thinks it's adorable and I think I should make him something similar for our anniversary.

    BTW how are you finding Artfire? I have transitioned to there, mostly, and I like it better in spite of no sales yet -- just the interface is nicer.

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  5. I want a Shoot owl!!
    Hi, ok, dont be skered. I have been watching your website for a LONG time now and was sooooo hoping that I could lose some weight and somehow my upper shelf would amazingly grow. so...i figured out that isnt happening, and I TOTALLY have my 1st corset of choice picked out.
    Will be ordering really soon so I can have it in time for faire.
    ok really...i do want a shoot owl

  6. Oh, that's adorable. I'm sure my son would be crazy about one. He's always making guns out of all kinds of random objects. I can totally relate.