Monday, August 31, 2009

You too, could be a Victim of Cheap Costumes

So, for Halloween, I want to do a really sarcastic public service type commercial where we talk about the poor women who are victims of these horrible cheap polyester costumes that come out every year for Halloween, and we want to show them when the costumes look like on REAL women (or rather...me) and how much better real women could look in our stuff. I want to hold up a Halloween Costume package were it shows some poofy-lipped, fake-breasted, bleach blonde floozy with her lips slightly pursed, her jaw slack, and her eyelid slightly shut posing in a shiny polyester red and white striped short skirt, a black underbust "corset" that's sewn right into the horrible little ruffly blouse, complete with a zipper in the back. I'll demonstrate how the picture somehow shows glistening full cleavage and a tiny waist, and how when a real person puts it on, it will be like wearing a stuffy, ill-fitting t-shirt that makes me look like a fat, cheap hooker.
LADIES!!! I'm all about looking really sexy for Halloween, but in this sad world, I think we've all forgotten that sexy doesn't equal skanky and cheap! In fact, "sexy" doesn't even equal mini-skirts, low cut blouses and goofy little accessories (for instance, a "sexy" Little Bo Peep with a goofy little cane and frilly hat. Bleh!) I think it's so much sexier to wear really well fitted, flattering clothing that gives subtle hints of the glory that's inside! How about beautifully crafted, quality clothing made up in feminine fabrics that are complete eye candy. How about showing off the curves and being dang proud of them? The Hourglass! It's a timeless silouhette! (haha...time...)
I just think that it's more gratifying to get a smouldering stare, rather than some guy cat-calling or hooting and calling you "baby". You don't get any respect from those guys that think the floozy costumes are the way to go! Those guys are the "dumbed down" ones that only want to "get some" and then move on. They are not gentlemen. They will never treat you well. You dress that way, you will score that guy..for maybe a couple of weeks, and then he'll move on. How depressing. It's not just Halloween...it's your whole life.
I'm not saying that you should wear loose turtlenecks and ankle length skirts for Halloween. I'm a complete advocate of subtle provocative clothing. If a guy wants to look at a bunch of fake-looking naked women, he can get that pretty dang easily (unfortunately) but if you want one of those "quality" guys that' I'm talking about, you have to be a quality girl. Oooh, and one last note! I think of these teenage girls that are wanting to look all cute and sexy, and they wear this tight, short, low neck junk to attract the males. Attract the males-it will. BUT, I swear, they never think about the fact that's it's no only the 16 year old boys that will be looking at them. How about all the really creepy sex offenders? How about nasty old men, thinking about you in that way? Consider it for just a single moment. Bleh. And once again, no respect...and then you set the whole stage for the rest of your life and how men will treat you and how your heart and spirit and self confidence will be repeatedly shattered, trodden down, and diminished. ..........AND THAT'S ALL BECAUSE YOU CHOSE TO WEAR THE "SEXY BO PEEP" COSTUME.
I believe I've said enough. Ah, blogs! What a great way to make people either love or hate you!


  1. Hi!

    I can't agree more with this post! I've always been one to make my own costumes if at all possible. There have been a few occasions that I've not had the time, and had to buy an "out of the bag" costume, and have always been disappointed with the results.

    I'm currently making my DragonCon costume, and have spent a lot of time making something that actually fits me and looks great. I've been using patterns, and gave myself a crash course in re-drafting them to fit my shape, and to personalize the pattern to look the way I want. I also tried making my own corset, and have discovered that it's much harder than it looks - I have a lot to learn!

    Part of the reason I'm commenting is to tell you how inspiring your work is, and how gorgeous your designs are! I have been mooning over them for weeks now! I just bought a corset from your etsy shop, and am waiting anxiously for it to arrive.

    So thanks for everything you do! It makes a difference, and is very appreciated!

  2. LOL! I hear ya. I was going to be a jail bird last year- found a costume for 20 bucks at Walley-world. I sewed a triangle of black fabric into the slit up both sides to make it fit a little less-raunchy on me. It rode up a bit when I moved, but it was manageable (just for 1 occasion, right!) Then I found out the day of the party (that I was hosting with my cousin) that another cousin and her hubby were coming after all- this particular husband gets a little touchy-feely when he drinks, so to save my husband from kicking his butt (which he has done in the past) I decided to axe my costume plan and turned to, nothing other than my Damsel corset! I had just purchased it for our upcoming parade season (remember, Tampa and pirates and Gasparilla and parades, oh my!) and haven't even worn it yet- it was a huge hit AND I was able to wear the hood that was attached (I don't wear that for parades). Damsel saved the day!! And I'm hoping to purchase a knee-length bustle skirt for this upcoming parade season, so that one may make an apperance at this year's Halloween party, too!!

  3. I'm a LARPer, and for my own costumes and for important NPCs, I have quality costumes - many made by Michelle. For our generic hordes of undead and such, my group often shops the cheap Halloween stores to eke out our supplies. I was really disturbed this year to see an increase in 'slutty' costumes, including a slutty scarecrow, cowardly lion, and tin man from the Wizard of Oz. WTF?


  4. Hi :) I have decided that I simply must have one of your corsets. It's a matter of deciding which one. Also I'm going to the Maryland Renassance Fair on the 11th of Sept and I don't think that's going to be enough to for you to finish and get it to me :( I wish I had discovered your beautiful work sooner!

  5. AMEN!

    It is so much more satisfying to attract The One with your brains instead of your body.

  6. I will be wearing your bustle skirts (like the mannequin) and one of your fabulous corsets... There will no way for me to even reach skanky... ONLY SEXY this and all the coming Halloweens!! Thank you, Michelle for your AWESOME work!

  7. *three cheers*

    Thats the loveliness of blogs though - free speech. But frankly, how can one argue with logic.

    Its so very true. Sexy and classy ALWAYS reigns over cheap and hooker. :S

    I'll be wearing your costume you are making me for three ren faires AND for Halloween this year. Was just talking to my husband about how this year "I won't have to go through the humiliation of trying on those bagged costumes...they never fit, and I never feel GOOD about them or myself. "

    This post had perfect timing...Three cheers to you and what you are doing for women.

    Even if it is one classy glimpse of cleavage at a time.

  8. Well said! Do the commercial!
    - another Danielle. :)

  9. I absolutely LOVE you corset combination in the picture!! Totally adorable! Just thought I'd throw that out there.
    Hoping you and your business are doing well! LOVE YOUR WORK!

    Your faithful and grateful loyal customer: Jade

  10. "...floozy..." Ha! Such a good word.

  11. I found this online about dressing like a slut for Halloween: http://about-face.org/blog/archives/1686#more-1686

    While looking for costumes for my 9year old daughter this year, I was shocked by the ammount of sleezy ones aimed at young children !