Monday, November 23, 2009

The GREAT Bombshell Bra!

Hey, normally I wouldn't support a company that plasters soft porn all over their shopping windows in a family environment like the mall, BUT I have to give it to Victoria's Secret-They've made the best bra I've ever had...ever. It's a new bra, and it's called the Bombshell. It has the perfect amount and shape of padding, because it makes you look SERIOUSLY perky, and gives you the most amazing cleavage of all time. We all know that I fully support garments that shape your body and make it look as lovely as possible, and I think all of you are aware of how adamant I am about wearing bras with your corsets. (Seriously, no corset maker can make a corset that's built with a good bra...not even me. Why the freak would I want to put molded cups and underwires into my bodices, when I could let good bra-makers do it, and then I could make a lovely piece of clothing MADE TO FIT OVER IT???) Anyway, if you want to look phenomenal in your corset, PLEASE purchase one of these bras. If you're above a 38D cup size, I would HIGHLY recommend the molded cup plunge neckline bra from Cacique, sold at Lane Bryant.

I'm DANG SICK of women coming into my booth at ren fests and saying that they can't wear underbust corsets because they don't have the breasts for it. That's B.S. We have a wealth of amazing bra makers at our fingertips, and if you're saggy and baggy, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT!!! HOLY NIGHT! I had to pester my own mother into wearing sexy, molded cup push-up bras, but when she finally got them on, she looked 10 years younger. I have an 87 year old great-grandmother, and her little chests are still WAY up there, because she's worn the right bra all of these years (granted, she actually has little permanent indentations in her shoulders where the bra straps have been digging in all of these years, because she tightens them all the way!)

And to all of you who still refuse to wear a good bra or a bra at all with your stuff, you can disagree with me all you want, but I'm still the sexier, perkier one at the end of the day. People, you have the power to look amazing. Now, GO AND DO IT!

Meanwhile, I'm sitting here in a lovely leopard print bra, and I look fantastic.
*sorry to any men that read this blog. You shouldn't have had to sit through this rant.


  1. That was an excellent rant and I am totally inclined to go the Victoria's secret bra out because (hanging head in shame) I admit that I did wonder whether, after years of breastfeeding, me wearing an underbust corset would look like I was carrying a platter offering badly set jello.

    But I am in awe of you -- so am taking your words to heart and rethinking my preconceptions.

  2. Ah, The battle of the bra.
    I would KILL to find attractive bras in my size.
    I squealed in delight when I found that Whimsy by Lunaire came in a DDD cup with a smaller band size.

    There are many sites out there that offer good bras in extended sizes (like hipsandcurves.com), but you have to be willing to pay a pretty penny for them. (I also seem to have an 'inbetween' cup size for different brands and builds, so it's almost impossible to find anything better than 'almost fits'.)
    Alas, I've still fled from the thought of buying a full corset since most makers never even attempted anything over a D cup. :( The one plus size bodice I bought was was happy because it was supposed to fit larger bust sizes... but my bust was just too 'GLORIOUS' to be contained.

  3. Yay for good bras! And Grandma Dawna! :)

  4. How do I send you pictures? I ordered a corset from you, and took some seriously AMAZING pirate photos. I looked hot, and I'd like to send you some pics!

  5. Oh yeah! I am a good christian girl and I actually worked at Victoria's Secret because I believe women need great bras! I got so much grief from well meaning friends... but seriously, would they walk around town without a bra? No freakin way! Whyy can't people make the connections?

  6. V.S. drives me nuts! Everytime i go in there with a friend i get accosted by women with tape measures in hand who are determined there is a bra in the store that will fit my 28 inch rib cage. there isn't. i'm a 30DD my ex used to joke that until more children get boob jobs i'm just going to be out of luck.

    the V.S. girls want to sell me a 34c that almost fits, but when you consider the fact that in a month it will be too stretched out, it just isn't worth the price. Why won't they just leave me alone when i say they don't make bras to fit me?

    as for corsets.....my vixen with tails is wonderful. i got it three years ago in sonora, and then this last year got my mom turned into a damsel as well. funny thing is....i may have one of the smallest ribbage to huge boob ratio michelle has ever seen, but my mom has the longest torso she has ever seen. both of us love playing pirate and considering i'm a size zero and my mom is a 3x and we both feel amazing in the same brand is just one more miracle made by damsel!

    now.....if only i could find a good bra to go under it.

  7. I was denied by the Lane Bryant (VS) lack of actual strap width to weight ratio. I highly recommend ashleystewart.com if you're over a C cup. I'm a little over a 38DDD and SHAZAM! A STRAPLESS THAT DOESNT ROLL DOWN!!!!! so I don't even need to wear straps all the time. Ofcourse they stand up by themselves and oy! airport security x-ray! but soooo worth it.:)

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