Thursday, November 19, 2009

This is me Crying Tears of Shame

I just had a girl on etsy asking me if I would make hoods to hook onto her corsets. Because I'm a kind and obliging individual, I told her I would be glad to make the hoods and asked her to take pictures of the fabrics she currently had the corsets in, so I could match them exactly. She sent me 3 pictures, and they were all of the knock-off guy's corsets. My pride has been seriously wounded. Just when I had finally made piece in my heart! I read this big article about forgiveness and about how when we let things go, we unload great burdens that are weighing us down. I realized that I had so much hatred for this company, and it was just poisoning me, so I told myself that bit about flattering being a sincere form of...admiration...what is that quote? OOOoh, imitation being the most sincere form of flattery. Thus, I figured that, with how much he's shamefully copied me, he must adore me more than my husband does! He must think I'm an absolute GODDESS to imitate my creations that much. MAN ALIVE! Anyway, and I decided that, for the people who want a costume to wear to one single event, and they don't mind if it feels cheap (just like the ones that come in packages at the Halloween Store), then he's a marvelous company. He gives the people what they want, and they don't have to fork over their well earned cash. I decided that it was cool that people could "look" like one of my dang sexy customers from far away. Neat. It's almost like they could belong to our club of awesomeness, and they didn't have to go through initiation.

Wow, I'm off subject. I just wanted to say that I'm working through the cycle of forgiveness all over again....(I still get angry every time I see a cheaply made bodice out of my patterns.) and maybe I never let go of my bitterness in the first place. Dang.


  1. Well. This sucks and at the same time is good. At least she saw your corsets and can get a hood, on the other hand, knockoff guy.

  2. I've tried to move from active hatred to denial and forgetfulness. Is that progress?

  3. Mr. Knockoff is a shallow, greedy, horrible little man, especially for suckering honest, beautiful ladies into his cheap trash (and for paying his seamstresses PENNIES).
    The conned and the suckered will eventually find their way to the real thing, like little lost lumpy sheep in trashy snake print.
    We (and the hundreds of your other REPEAT customers) know that you rock the house...and the street...and the whole darn city.

  4. Holy crap...that's ballsy and not in a good way. I almost feel bad for the girl or I wonder if she's just clueless to the idea of etiquette.

    You definately didn't deserve to get ripped off by Mr. Knockoff. The pictures of his stuff aren't even that great, vastly over-priced for the quality of the work in my opinion. I'm too spiteful for forgiveness...so I won't finish the rest of my thoughts on him.

  5. This just sucks that you have to be put in this position.
    But I think he is going to end up being advertising for you, as people who buy his stuff will be unsatisfied and go looking for the real thing.
    By the way, the corset and hood you have in the post is GORGEOUS. The colors are just perfect together!

  6. Hopefully the poor chicky who bought the cheapo corset will get your amazingly created hood and realize that your work is the real deal while she was scammed into a Walmart quality copy. Remember that Karma comes around. Sure, he's making money with his dishonesty and his predatory business practices but he is NOT making happy customers and he probably doesn't have a lot of nurturing relationships, either. Most truly dishonest people don't.

    I've been thinking about it and I've decided that I need to open a secret savings account so I can buy myself a corset from YOU. I have no idea where I will wear it since we don't have a lot of corset wearing events up in my neck of the woods but I've really just GOT to have one someday!

  7. I've just had a brilliant idea. I really need to lose some pounds this year. I've been trying all sorts of motivational tricks that simply haven't worked. BUT I'll bet if I pay myself 10 bucks a pound to put toward a stunning corset, I'll get on that treadmill a lot more often and stay motivated to keep fit.

    Be happy in your work today!

  8. Hey there, Damsel! It's good to "see" you again - been far too long! I hope you and yours are well during this incredibly busy time of year!!

    ANYWAY: It says quite a lot that this woman is turning to you, rather than the "man" she bought the corset from. I have a "Mr. Knockoff" of my own - a sleazy sort of a fellow who doesn't mind at all copying the basic design, but obviously has no real clue as to how to build a quality tankard. One of his customers turned to me early this year to fix a leak in his tankard (he purchased the less-than-well-made tankard for $20 - a fraction of what I charge for mine, but the maker refused to fix the leak)... I viewed this as a good opportunity to prove the fact that you get what you pay for.

    You make the very best corsets I've ever seen! I'm not an expert on clothing, by any means, but I know quality when I see it!! I refer everyone who's looking for quality corsets to Damsel in This Dress - even over my closer friends who also make corsets!!!

    The point is this: Imitation IS the truest form of flattery, but it really sucks when the imitation piece is mistaken for YOUR work!

    Congratulations on your success - see you next year at OKRF!


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  10. Oh sweet pea,
    I am so sorry that this schmuck has done this, but YOUR work is amazing. Karma will always come around, times three.
    Huge hugs for you,

  11. The shyster that's blinding people with his shiny garbage will probably never see the err of his ways, but his victims will.
    The world is unfair like that, but always know that nearly everyone that has purchased anything from you is willing to stand by just how wonderful your work is.

    Never give up working your magic!
    You're like the freaking Pirate-Fairy-Godmother for us lasses of the curvy persuasion.

  12. Wow.....amazingly wondrous blog!
    (and work!)

  13. I'm not making any progress when it comes to Mr. Greedy Head. Not even denial or forgetfulness... okay, maybe the latter. Every time you mention him I just want to boil over and punch his nose from you and your customers (including me). I think we all want to do that.

    The leave patterned fabric in the photo makes me dream about a long hooded, sweeping cloak... amazing!

  14. That is horrible that this Con is ripping off your style / pattern-- what comes around goes around is my philosophy. It is hard to take the high road epecially in cases like this--but I'm sure this customer did not know about him and if she does now--maybe she will realize that your wearable art is truly beautiful and that his is a cheap sack of ______..well...I'll let you fill in the blank ;)

  15. hello,

    i am really sorry if i offended you in any way by showing you products from other companies that insult your work by making cheap copies...
    just a note... i did not purchase it from him... and i doubt that he was at the renaissance fair in florida last year... that sold it to me... i guess they had the same fabric producer i guess??? but honestly i did not get them from him... his stuff is so cheaply made but he sells it for a price that is not worth it... and i have felt is fabric before from someone who bought a cloak from him and it is as not good quality as described and they are cheap and i have better fabric than him at a local store that sells best quality stuff... that i can afford of course.. i guess i have been I have a "Mr. Knockoff" of my own - a sleazy sort of a fellow who doesn't mind at all copying the basic design" as one of the other customers who commented here.. i know now and will buy corset or bodice from you next time i need one.. and thanks or at least i think so of those who either were hateful to me of making an honest mistake or not, but don't blame me for making this mistake...

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