Sunday, January 17, 2010

The "Where Would I Wear This" Question

Hello Friends! This is me-Michelle, and I'm here to talk to you about wearing corsets on a more daily basis. As I've traveled around the country attending renaissance festivals, I've noticed that most of my customers are really closed into this little mental box where they can only wear this type of garment alongside a peasant blouse, some manner of skirt, bloomers, and usually a pile of those dang raccoon tails (will someone remind me of what they mean? The period nazis told me that in the renaissance times, people wore them to keep the fleas off of them, thus the fleas would "flee" to the raccoon fur that they were wearing.....however, to me that seems like wearing high heels made of pork chops so the rabid, angry wolves will eat the pork rather than your feet....?...???). Anyhoo, no matter how many times I urge customers to just wear them with jeans, they always give me that look ...the same kind of look you would give a sales girl trying to sell you sugar-free, calorie-free cheesecake that makes you burn off a pound for every piece you eat. You just don't believe them worth jack.
Here's my basic equation for wearing your corset and not getting nominated for a contestant on "What Not To Wear" (By the way, that show has helped me lose weight. I watch it while I work out on the treadmill, and since it's an hour long, I get an hour of fast-paced hill climbing every single day! My favorite episodes are the ones where the girls are REALLY resistant and think that the professionals are full of crap. I get really angry and probably burn more calories while watching them!). So, (drumroll) it's just like you see in the pictures-1 pair of awesome jeans+1printed or plain button up shirt+ 1 corset from Damsel in this Dress +1 pair of sexy high heels to match the corset. Throw in a funky bold necklace, and it's like you have serious style, courtesy of me. ;) I got this fantastic shirt from Express, and MAN ALIVE, they have well-fitted button up shirts. If you've never tried one, I would highly suggest giving it a shot. They have lots of well-placed darts through the shirt, and even a bigger-chested girl like me, who likes to wear beautifully shaped bras, can wear this shirt and not having the stupid buttons gaping. Anyway, I did want you guys to know that I have three different colors of pinstriped suiting, all in subdued hues, and these make for EVEN BETTER day-wear corsets, because those muted tones make them less ostentatious. I will be making corsets out of the pinstripes I have, and putting them on etsy within the next week or so, and you can check them out! Thanks for your support, and thank you for helping me make the women of this world get more in touch with their sensuality and femininity!


  1. Love the outfit! I recently wore my custom tartan corset to a punk concert with a simple black tee and jeans and big black boots. I have to say, it was a pretty hot ensemble! And I love seeing girls in corsets in everyday life. Makes me smile.

  2. Funny that you posted this today, I just wore my new red corset from you to dinner last night. I actually went the same route - black button down, red corset, jeans, and black knee highs.

    The bustle skirt is getting taken out on the town soon. :)

    Your creations are too pretty to hang in the closet just for renfaires or costume balls!

  3. Wowza that outfit is gorgeous. I love the fact that I can pull off your corsets just as easily with jeans and a nice top as I can with a skirt and blouse. It makes for so much versatility, and I can always count on looking amazing. I can't wait to see those pinstripe outfits. I adore pinstripes, and the more modern/subdued fabric in combination with with your vavavoom corsets just make them pop all the more in my opinion.

  4. Last month I wore my orange corset with a simple white button-down and black denim jeans while I was visiting Disney Land with my family.
    I had a blast, got complimented a few times, MANY looks from those with an interest in FANTASTIC clothing, and many a dirty glower from flocks of scrawny blond cookie-cutter girls (and apparently a disapproving old lady on the cruise ride that I failed to notice but my family let me know after the ride).

    I love wearing things that get such noticeable reactions, but are still acceptable fashion. :)
    Also, I do believe that Corsets are indeed making a rise in the fashion industry over the last few years. I'm seeing so many more out there, especially under the Steampunk label, but people around here in Utah (funnily, where these corsets are from...) are just too timid to wear them or anything else that might be 'Weird'.

    My friend and I were trying to sell Cyberlox Falls at the local anime convention in SLC, and the amount of "But it might be too WEIRD if I wear it!!" type comments we received from the people looking at buying them was almost alarming. Especially since some of these people were running around wearing neko-ears and tails and brilliant costumes.

    The intimidation of being judged by the public is just too much for people, yet sadly, a majority of said public likely wishes to wear what they really want, but fears that the rest of the public would judge them. It's just a vicious cycle.
    I cheer for anyone else who can join the ranks of "I'll wear what I want to wear!"

    Besides, aren't we supposed to be wearing wacky futuristic "Space Clothing" by now? This IS the future after all. :)
    (Sorry about this being so long winded, it's just a subject that tends to hard with me.)

  5. Looks fabulous but we knew it would. Girl you look 19! I hope you are feeling better you look hot.

  6. I wore my white/black damask underbust out with the boys one night this summer ;) Other than being near-impossible to drive in it, the look was fab. If I didn't work in education (bewbs =/= appropriate accessories to showcase), I'd absolutely find an excuse to wear corsets as workwear.

    Also, you look FANTASTIC! Hope our custom orders weren't keeping you from eating anything for all those months ;) Congrats on finding a workout regimen that (reeeeaalllyy) works for you.

  7. I love to wear corsets for no reason! Or just to feel sexy.

    Speaking of feeling/looking sexy, you look AMAZING in that outfit. Have you lost weight? I mean, you always looked amazing. But your waist looks so waspy and gorgeous and feminine and luscious and curvy and AWESOME! ha ha ha ha.

  8. dang...losing weight is one of my woas...because i am just too damn lazy and not motivated...mostly lazy... and the show What Not To Wear... well i really don't like some of the stuff they have for the people... but some of them are mostly made to work in a "professional" world or what is accepted as normal... we all have fashion choices... but when it is appropriate...that sucks... I am 5 feet 1 inch tall...22yr age and 198 pounds...maybe nearly 200 now.. that is so bad.. but i have 44'34'48 measurements... i need to be 130 pounds my doctor says...sorry i have to reveal this... probably no one cares... corsets help me look the part, without actually loosing that 30 pounds for real...

  9. I have two of your pieces, one a burgundy underbust corset with a black front & brass buttons, and one with a collar in woodsy tones. I wear them to work in a law office with dress pants and understated blouses, and I get a ton of compliments every time from co-workers and clients both. I won't go into detail about how much my b/f loves me in jeans with the burgundy one over a black t-shirt & a pair of hot black boots going out for dinner! ;)

    Like Stacey & Clinton have always said, dress the body you have to play up your best features....and there is NO-ONE who would not look confident, sexy and well put together wearing one of your corsets. I've recently posted your link to a friend who is thinking about a custom piece for her wedding in August, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone I know. I am so glad I found your store on etsy!

  10. Every day is corset day!

    Then again, I AM the freak who dresses up in full period costume just because it's a day ending in Y so yeaaaah.

    Can I just say, you Michelle are looking GORGEOUS!

    I love the idea of a well fitted shirt! Most of mine are too big or gape oddly. The peril of a small waist and decent sized bust I suppose. God I wish we could go back to the days of custom fitted clothing, off the rack stuff just isn't designed for the curvy body.

  11. I wear my corset often (I really ought to buy another so I can wear it twice as often...) But that just may be my insane steampunk side acting up again. I try and support the mindset that "If All the world's a stage, why be an underdressed extra?"

  12. I would totally wear corsets made of suiting fabric into even a conservative office. I'd wear a blazer as well if the office was really uptight. You had one at the Etsy store before Christmas in a teal suit fabric: stunning.

  13. You look great! I also found your blog entry on getting over our physical self-hatred very moving. Brava for being honest and brave!

  14. I wear mine with jeans and a low cut or button up shirt for concerts (when I'm not performing...ha!). The level of attention the corsets get is kind of insane, but it's badass. Free drinks, ahoy! :D

  15. Also, good Lord, you've lost weight and you look FANTASTIC!

  16. I love corsets and your blog caught my eye cause our titles are similar :) Please do another post soon I'd love to recommend this blog on mine - corsets ROCK!