Friday, February 26, 2010

2010 Renaissance and Pirate Festivals

Okay, so here's the list of festivals we will be at in 2010. This list is certainly apt to change if aren't able to make it to a festival for some reason.
*Sonora Celtic Faire, March 12th-14th, Sonora, CA www.sonoracelticfaire.com
*Norman Medieval Fair, March 26th-28th, Norman, OK www.medievalfair.org
*Oklahoma Renaissance Festival, Every Weekend in May, Muskogee, OK www.okcastle.com
*Rogue Renaissance Fantasy Faire, July 10th-11th, Medford, OR www.roguefaire.com
*Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire, Sep. 11th & 12th, Kings Valley, OR www.shrewfaire.com
*Portland Pirate Festival Sep. 18th &19th near Portland, OR www.portlandpiratefestival.com
*Age of Chivalry Renaissance Festival, Oct. 8th-10th, Las Vegas, NV www.lvrenfair.com

it's POSSIBLE that we might add a few more, but this is all for right now. I know you guys ask us constantly about doing some of the huge festivals like TRF or MDRF or a host of others, but I can promise you that it's not going to happen unless I'm somehow able to purchase little vacation homes with built in shops for cheap..oh, plus I need them to be 10 minutes away from each renaissance festival. *sigh* I really would love to go to every festival ever and meet all of you guys.
Damsel in this Dress Corsets


  1. Brilliant! I absolutely love your designs.

  2. I love your stuff too but I am sad that you aren't coming to our faire.. the Bay Area Renaissance Faire.. which is happening NOW. Just think.. you could be hanging out at St Pete or Clearwater Beach during the week.. :)

  3. If only the Las Vegas Tattoo Expo coincided with the Age of Chivalry Renaissance Festival. I don't think my husband and I can afford flying to Vegas from Vermont two weekends in a row or taking a week and a half off from work. Would be quite the trip though!

  4. I wish we could see you out here on the East Coast - maybe there is a future chance of this happening?

  5. I'm still sad you don't come to Utah Midsummer anymore, you were such an asset to the faire. Guess I'll have to custom order when I hit my weight loss goal :)

  6. YAY! Oklahoma! I'm gonna really try to be there now... ~dies ded~ Also, you might want to check out Sherwood Forest for next year, a little faire that just got started.

  7. You know, the Norman festival is during my spring break. I think I'm going to contact my friend who lives there and see if she wants to come with me.

  8. I look at the picture of your faire set-up and I just drool at the racks of pretty corsets. I wish I lived on the West Coast!!

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  10. You know, as someone mentioned, Sherwood Forest Faire JUST started up this year. And, it's dates are close to Norman and Muskogee.

    It's here in Austin (we LOVE keeping it weird here!), is a beautiful, albeit small faire, and...NONE of the bodices being sold held a CANDLE to your beautiful pieces. There are hotels nearby, and all sorts of fun things to do when you're not vending!

    Plus...I could buy another one from you. ;-)



    (hoping that my photo in my beautiful bodice shows up now!)

  11. come to Fell's Point Privateer Day and Swashbuckler soiree April 9th and 10th www.fellspointmainstreet.org

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