Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rogue Renaissance Fantasty Faire

All right! Listen up, everyone in Oregon, California and Washington! There's a new Renaissance Festival right near Medford, Oregon that is going to be absolutely unbelievable awesome! The main reason, of course, is that DAMSEL IN THIS DRESS will be there with our booth jam-packed full of amazing corsets. The other reason is that they have the Seattle Knights, which is basically the neatest jousting show to watch EVER (at least in my opinion) and they are going to do a lot of tremendously cool things with the festival that will make it superb! It is July 10th and 11th, 2010 from 10pm to 6pm on Saturday and Sunday. We are so excited about this fair that I feel butterflies in my stomach! I love the state of Oregon more than I can say, and so a chance to go there is something I will jump at!! If you guys care about me at all, make it a priority to go to that festival! You won't regret it!!!
Damsel in this Dress Corsets


  1. Are you going to be in Colorado this year?
    Would love to see you!

  2. Hey, this is Nate's wife. I've been stalking your site off and on since we got married, trying to decide which of you lovely corsets to get. I can't decide! Maybe you could give me a little help, please! Oh, and it's a surprise for Nathan, so you can email me, but don't comment on our family blog, or he'll get suspicious. sandibeek@gmail.com

  3. Let us know if your ever decide on a Texas/Louisiana/Oklahoma faire...

    I type this as I have your etsy open...

    So addicted...

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  5. That's where I was born and grew up! Haven't been there in so long, though. It does my heart good they are going to have a decent faire there. I'm sure my mother will be drooling over your corsets. :)