Friday, April 16, 2010

Steampunk Artillery Corsets

I'm SUPER excited, because my dad and brothers are having a big clay pigeon shooting day next weekend, and I get to reap the rewards of all the leftover shells from their guns!! Sweeeeet. I'm planning on making a corset especially for me that has bullet shell loops sewn around the whole entire bottom, so I'll look so bad-A that EVERYONE will run in fear from my beauty and power!!

I love corsets that make me feel like I should star in either a Disney cartoon (of course, as the Villainess) or in a comic book as a super sexy crime-fighting babe.
Anyhow, if you guys want to purchase one of these corsets, go to my etsy site! I just listed them!


  1. That is BRILLIANT! Of all your great corset concepts, that is the single most fantastic.

    And bullet casings come in so many colors, it could be so fun...

  2. That is so flippin' cool! Very inventive and "green". LOL!

  3. OMGosh. So cool. Darnit to heck! I now need one of these too... Quickly go the sands of out lives and tax refunds... ;)

  4. I can't tell you how excited I was to see one of those in my size and be able to snap it up!! <3

  5. CUUUUTE! Also, just saw you're coming to the Rogue Faire in July! Would be delightful if I caught you twice this year!

  6. Your corsets are absolutely 100% awesome! Even here in Russia I keep on dreaming of one or two of them! Keep on working, keep on inspiring, you're gorgeous and so your corsets are!

    Well, I think you've got used to such comments long ago :))))