Friday, June 25, 2010

Free Preview

OOOOh, I'm feeling super excited for everyone to see our new website! We're going to have better pictures, views of all the corsets on both the models AND mannequins (sometimes it's really beneficial to see something on a mannequin as opposed to a girl that you personally don't care for. I mean, I know there's plenty of passive aggressive women who revel in hating me, yet still read my blog....strange.) We're going to set it up so you can actually ORDER off of the website (wow! What an idea!!!) and all of the custom orders you want to make will be handled through the website, which will have options galore, ideas for putting together killer outfits, and as much info as I can cram into it! All of the "in stock and ready to ship" corsets will be on our etsy and artfire stores, and so if you're wanting something quick, we'll have a feed to those sites.

I REALLY think everyone will adore the new site, blog about me, write songs about me, peer pressure their friends into purchasing corsets from me, and will yearn ardently for my autograph........(I really don't have that big of an ego, guys. Wait....maybe I do.)

With that being said, if you guys can think of anything that HAS to be on the new website, PLEASE let me know! My whole company is built around what my customers tell me to do. I'm always stubborn at first when I get good ideas, but eventually I shackle my pride to the inner tube of defeat and float it away on the river of despair.


  1. I'm looking forward to the new site! The only thing I'd suggest (which you may have thought of already) is a good explanation of how to take measurements and choose the right size. I would've been lost if someone hadn't linked your blog post about it before I ordered my first corset off etsy.

  2. You look so awesome! I'm excited about the new site, too. I still haven't ordered anything yet but more photos of people wearing corsets as part of everyday ensembles or non-Ren/pirate/fantasy dress up attire would help me feel more bold about ordering and wearing one. The only corsets we see here in Upstate NY are pretty dang skanky. Show us how to wear them without looking like we're advertising something . . . ;)

  3. Measurement instructions are a solid suggestion! Maybe take some photos of measuring-in-progress, either on a person or on a mannequin, to clearly illustrate where to measure.

    I can't wait to see the new website!

  4. I think everybody already touched really well on the measurements bit. Current fabric selections are good and how to get you our own fabric (and how much you would need) and what you can work with would be great. I know I ogle fabric all the time but I don't always necessarily know if it can be turned into a corset. Obviously you can do upholstery grade stuff, but stuff like chiffon and flimsy stuff (or leather) maybe not so much.

  5. Oh and same for skirts as well, I would think heavy upholstery fabric would be more difficult to turn into a bustle, but maybe you could do a chiffon bustle... Just thinking that if the majority of stuff is on the site, you'd get a lot less individual e-mailed questions.

  6. How about a tut on how to properly lace one?

    Um, yea, that's all I have. . . : D

  7. Oh geez, sorry. 1 more thing. A superb GALLERY! Oh my god it kills me when I can't see everyone's custom stuff, only read a description on etsy. I would LOVE to see what everyone is coming up with and what you're turning out. You'd probably need to get the customers permission, but maybe a disclaimer saying you have the right to share images of your work would suffice. After all, you did make it.

  8. I third (fourth?) the idea for clear measurement instructions and I'd like to request some inclusion of hip and height too. I'm quite short and, while I'd love one of your corsets, I don't think one made for an average-sized person would have all of the gradients and angles in the right places (the waistband on a dress usually sits just above my hips which isn't too much of a problem in cotton but might become one in sprung steel).

  9. I really hope you put up the Duchess, Siren, Buccaneer, Double Breasted, (Yes, I did say Double Breasted. I think they are a TERRIFIC idea, no matter how much others may disagree. You should still show that you can make those.) the underbust with the panels, and all the new frilly Empire corsets up. I really like the option to have the frills on the corsets, I still kick myself in the but for buying all my corsets from you a year ago before some of these new amazing ones came out! Also some of your custom work, showing off what you can do with some imagination from the buyer and seller!

    I would also really like to see some of the blouses and skirts on the website. I love them so much, I'd like to be able to order them without waiting for the correct ones to pop up on Etsy.

    Also, JACKETS! The cropped jackets! They are too cute! Showcase those, I think they'd sell quite nicely.

    I personally had no problem lacing up or measuring myself, due to being a corseteer before, but I think that could be useful to have a new guide on the website.

    And maybe a little Steampunk section to show what you can do to a corset to give it that extra Steam kick?

    Looking at the comments already posted, I do agree with more pictures.

  10. I agree with Minjoltr-I am extreamly shortwaisted, and corsets that fit most of my measurements do very bad things to the skin at my hips (and bruise the muscle/fat tissue underneath). Will there be help for us?

  11. Your ideas sound great! Especially the outfit-inspirations part. I'm a big fan of the everyday bodice/corset. =]
    The one thing I'd like to contribute is pleasepleaseplease try to avoid white text on a black background. It's so hard on the eyes! The way your blog is now (dark grey background with light grey or white text) is fine, but any higher contrast than that and you're looking at a literal eyesore. I used to religiously read Deanna Raybourne's awesome blog then she "revamped" to this format:
    And I had to stop because it would give me a headache every time. Just a thought. Can't wait to purchase my first corset from you, I'm saving up my pennies as we speak! =P

  12. So exciting! (You look AWESOME in this post, by the way) Re: site suggestions: I'd love to see outfit combinations - I wear your corsets to work and the underbusts must be paired with the overcoats to make the whole thing "politically correct" for the office. Mixing the different jackets with the different corsets would be super useful to me. Limited edition fabric runs (e.g. "fall 2010 collection"). Anything you do is going to be awesome!

  13. In regards to measurements, something that may help, but may be more work for you: http://www.jupitermoon3.com/measuring.html

    It would certainly help with the shorter/taller girls and those with waists higher than one or two inches above the belly button to include the torso and height measurements. That insanely worried me before I ordered my first!

  14. Love the sound of the new site, can't wait to see the snazzy new photos!
    *As for a suggestion, I'd really appreciate some fabric combo suggestions for custom orders. I own 2 pieces from you, and when considering the cropped jackets, bustles, and empire pieces, it'd be super helpful to have your opinion on companion fabrics right there.
    *Also, photos of fabric from a distance in addition to your close-ups. Actual corset photos would be fine.

    I love love LOVE that you are including outfit suggestions. That paired with fabric combo suggestions would be fantastic!

  15. I can't wait for the outfit suggestions and costume styling tips! Accessories, creative flourishes, outfits to showcase your designs . . .

    As other commentors suggested, it would be great to see all the custom options reflected in your gallery or info pages - frills, bustles, panels, tails, lapels, buttons, etc. When I'm dreaming up a new corset order, I always comb the "sold" photos on etsy to check out all these special features, and it would be so helpful to have all of them in an accessible place.

    A photo portfolio of your custom work would serve as an inspriation for future orders, and show off your design genius and the beauty of your finished work.

    Also, I second the idea for a tutorial on corset lacing. Right now my boyfriend holds this job title, but is it possible to do it yourself? Any expert tips and tutorials for lacing with assistance or solo would be much appreciated!

  16. My Dearest Michelle.... have you ever considered dabbling in men's garb once the smoke clears?

    As weird as this sounds, I'd love to see your passion spread to my boyfriend.

    I fully understand it'd be a while with the new things you're already delving in to, but I think I'd pee a little to see what you'd come up with for the menfolk.

  17. I also second the vote on mens apparel. I can not tell you how many men I've met at various steampunk conventions here in the Midwest who look for mens garb of a neovictorian / steampunk style.

    (When I handed out your business cards at Nakamacon in Madison, WI there were at least 30+ men I met who asked about this if I knew of any such sites to check out. )

    Also~ if you ever make Spats, bloomers for under those AWESOME bustle skirts that I have purchased from you (especially now that you have shear ones! YUM! :D

    I'm guilty to say that I own 6 corsets from you and two skirts and my greedy eyes want more of these wonderful wearable art sets you have been creating lately!

    Keep up the great work that you and all of your family have created and thanks for all that you do! **Squeee!!!! XD **

  18. Great to hear that! I'm very excited to see your new website! I love the old one but your ideas sounds just great! I'm looking forward to the new website!

    By the way you look great in this post! Which bodice do you wear or is this a new pattern?


  19. I'll chime in on menswear too! I know you've said the menswear is tough on your facebook page, but I think you should keep at it and I think you have a few customers who are willing to pay for it and the extra time and effort it takes! I'm really pushing for this!

  20. OH boy. Friends, if you saw how overwhelming it was JUST to take care of womens' clothing you wouldn't ever even think to suggest that I do mens' stuff. The problem is that people see my corsets and how they shape women and make them look stunning, and for some reason they think I can do that for men....uh....men aren't squishy. They don't all want to wear opulent and extravagant floral tapestry fabric. And the biggest problem is that men generally gain their weight right in the belly. However, unlike women, men are not malleable. I've never met a guy who had a belly on him that would be able to be sucked in with boning. NOT happening. Rather than trying to get me to do mens' clothing, I would highly suggest getting jerkins at www.ravenswoodleather.com They are the nicest fit and look that I've ever seen, they're amazingly sexy, and they're charging close to what I would charge for men's wear. They're a heck of a lot more manly then anything I could do, and leather stretches slightly, but also holds bodies in properly. Trust me here, you don't want me to make men's clothing. The couple pieces I've done for my husband and brothers have been absolute nightmares, and I still wasn't happy with the end result.
    All the same, I do appreciate your confidence in my abilities...still, it's like going up to a piano player who practised for 12 hours a day for years and years, and handing them a flute, saying, "Oh, you play so beautifully! If you could just play this flute....and do it as well as you play piano."

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