Wednesday, June 30, 2010

picture my daughter took

My little 4-year old daughter took this picture. It was originally so dark that you could only see the mannequin sort of rising ominously out of the blackness, but then my husband lightened it up, and it turned out to be this great grainy grunge looking picture. Good job, Brynn! I sure hope that kid wants to be a corset-maker when she grows up. *cross fingers*

On another note, THANK YOU THANK YOU for the comments you've made on making my new website a better place. I do plan on splitting the corsets into sections: Renaissance, Pirate, Fantasy, Steampunk and "Customize your own". I wanted to do corresponding photos that really had the flavor of each genre. The only thing I'm worried about is that some customers might see a corset in the "steampunk" section, and think, "Oh, I can't wear that to a ren fest, because it's steampunk." But, SURELY, no one would be that dumb, right? *crosses fingers, and knocks on wood.* I didn't want this massive jumbled page with a million pictures of corsets to load, where it wasn't neatly organized into categories, but I do want people to be able to see the scope of my work, and all the designs I have kicking around in my head. Hopefully they're intelligent enough to realize that, with these types of costumes, they can be worn for almost any occasion, as long as you're creative enough with the other pieces and accessories.

The big difference between lots of my customers is how they put these things together. I have a lot of customers at ren fests who just wear the blouse, bodice, and skirt with nothing else. While it's pretty, it's very "typical bar wench" to me.

On the other end of the spectrum, I have these women who purchase elaborate hats, pouches, brooches, pantaloons, shoes, tights, belts, bracelets, rings, necklaces, bras, hair accessories, panties, and makeup to match their corset exactly. It's pretty phenomenal to see a woman that lavishly adorned. It always makes me proud. I, myself, have taken about 10 years to finally figure out how to put renaissance outfits together. It takes a LOT of little details to make a look complete and stunning. THAT is one of the things I'm planning on putting in my magazine/catalog.....Oh MAN! It's our next project after the website is done, but this thing is going to be so awesome! The more I think about it, the more excited I get!

My magalog is going to be the ONLY one out there that actually empowers women, rather than degrading them and subconsciously making them lower their self esteem. Seriously, the next time you are in the grocery store, and you look over the features in the women's magazines, see if you can spot any of them that encourage you to love yourself and make the best of yourself. OOOh, boy...I'm getting long-winded and I didn't mean to. I can't go into this here, but just know that my magalog is going to be splendid! It's going to have articles about throwing away your sweatpants and busting out the push-up bra. It's going to talk about getting back in touch with the romantic "damsel" inside of you, rather than the frazzled "let herself go" mom or the 20's something girl who is pissed at men and dresses like it. I just think that if women were able to EMBRACE their femininity, and wield it like a weapon, there's no telling what we could do or accomplish. And it doesn't really happen because of BIG things....it's all little, daily occurrences that shape you and mold you into a powerful woman. I'll try to help you guys, AND ME, find those. ;) So, on that note, let me know what you would like to see in a magazine. Really dwell on it, and tell me about how you want to view yourself, and how you want to feel. I think that, together, we can amass this army of corset-wearing seductresses.


  1. Pictures, pictures, and more pictures is what I'm most excited for with your new site. I am guilty (and boring) as charged for being a simple blouse/corset/skirt wearer. I've never been very good at the "fashion" / "putting outfits togther thing". But I will say I'm totally inspired by you and by many of the pictures posted by your other customers. I long to be more creative with my clothing and look forward to more inspirations to help push me in that direction. Thanks again for all your awesomeness!

  2. I have no idea if this interests you or not, but it just occurred to me and, heck, I might as well offer.

    If you can think of any use for artwork on your website, I would be happy to help. For example, maybe if you have trouble finding photographs of corsets worn with particular other getups, illustrations may be helpful.

    I'm sure you would know better than me what your website needs, though! I just thought I'd let you know that if you happen to want anything like this, I'm here!

    http://clocktock.com is my portfolio. I hope you don't take anything obviously inspired by your beautiful corsets and skirts the wrong way, ahh, now I'm embarrassed.

  3. Jess!! I love your illustrations! Those women look totally bad-A! Let me think on the illustrations thing, because that's pretty dang awesome. I like the picture of the girl and all of her possible accessories. Totally swell!

  4. "Oh, I can't wear that to a ren fest, because it's steampunk."

    That makes me think - you should repurpose the *same* corsets across your genres, just with different supporting attire. On the Steampunk version of the wench corset, link to "see this corset in Pirate or Fantasy" (link, link).

    I can't wait to see your new site!

  5. I'd like to see different ways to wear the same thing, since I do steampunk and renfaires, and wear them with pants. I'd like pictures of US doing this, like us customers (first time and long term) taking pictures and wearing them. <3

  6. Zomg a magalog.

    I know this is about to sound hella deep, but.. you sell a product that makes a woman feel like she is the center of attention, and highly irresistable. It's an instant mood elevator, almost to the point of bringing out an entirely empowered alter ego... now how to bring that out when the corset comes off...

    If there's one thing your blog has taught me (and I'm a fairly new reader/stalker)it's that my body is faboo... when I wear things right, and right for MY body. I wouldn't look good in skinny jeans and a midriff baring top, but I can rock the hell out of anything with cleavage.

    Also, you admit your faults. Well that alone is a feat to do publicly, you present it in a way that basically says, "Yeah, I suck at that. And? Next topic." Your power to just shrug it off and go back to the things you're awesome at would be awesome to shed light on. Might be hard, because I think you do it instinctually.

    Continue being passionate and real with anything you would put in print. Don't censor yourself, PLEASE. I think that's why I'm so drawn to your blog. When you're mad, you let yourself be, and don't stifle it until you implode.

    Showing us REAL women how to look and feel good is something you do a lot already, and I think you'll pull it off well in a mag.

    Hope that wasn't too "girl power"

  7. Maybe instead of categorizing them by theme you could do it as type. Such as Empires, WC's, Tailed Coats, Skirts, Jackets, something along the lines of that. Then you could have example images across the different ways and places they could be worn.

    Dude. Want Magalog. Hardcore. And your new skirts! I'm in love! New Theme...Wild West.

  8. I like the idea of seeing how to wear full outfits with different themes. It would be helpful to do some sort of photo database that would make images show up in multiple galleries. For example you could choose to view all variations of wench corsets or all piratey bodices and get some overlap when appropriate. When you make your sections for outfits/themes, please make a place for character themed items such as Queen of Hearts or Snow White.

    I'd also like to see a comprehensive pricing guide for custom options. That way potential buyers could budget for ruffles/buttons/hoods/etc.

    As far as the magalog, I'd like to see input from readers showing awesome outfit and also spotlights about other sellers who make coordinating items such as boots or hats. Hairstyles/makeup sections would be fun too. You could do a special on steampunk mechanics and talk everything you'd need to make your costume work, then do a special in the next on renaissance costumes, pirates, belly dancing, etc in other issues. Depending on how specific the themes are and how often you make a magalog, you could probably cover a lot of options.

  9. I love your philosophy on women and I am really looking forward to your website and catalog!!! You are so amazing and wonderful and encouraging. I really look up to you.

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