Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I'm having a sale in my etsy shop on select wench corsets from the last festival! They are 30% off or more, and I've got some dang good ones!! Here are just a few samplings from the sale that's going on in our etsy shop! www.damselinthisdress.etsy.com

Oooh, brand new with tags!

Okay, this corset, ESPECIALLY needs to go to the right person. You know how some people can wear animal prints and just look smoking hot?? Imagine this with a pair of black tight pants, super high heels, and a ruffly, flirty top. GRRRR


  1. Curses on my lack of self control - but I hope that my buying ANOTHER one of your corsets helps you out and reminds you that some of us out here in the world are totally addicted to your work. Thanks for the sale - I'm excited about my new green wench corset! Loves! RK

  2. I just bought one of the purple dragonfly ones. I have another wench corset I got a year ago and I just love your work.

  3. whoop! just ordered a corset and a jacket! I am so glad I checked your blog this afternoon!

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