Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Special Occasions and Me

Today I realized that even though I have profusions of edibles in my pantry and fridge, I strangely still had nothing to eat. I've noticed the same thing with my closet...the whole thing will be decidedly impregnated with apparel, and yet I can't find a single thing with which to bedrape myself. My theory is that they are all engaging in illicit breeding, producing hoards of extra useless figures with which to fill the space so that I will not feel the need to purchase anything else. After all, competition is bad.
So, back to the original story. I didn't want to go to the grocery store in my smeared day old makeup, my ratty hair, and my t-shirt covered in threads from sewing. There is a truth universally acknowledged that if a woman looks like crap at a grocery store, she will inevitably meet the most inconvenient people and embarass herself unfathomably. I ran up to my room to throw something on, wash my face, and make myself look presentable. Gazing into the mirror, it became apparent that I needed to cleanse the old makeup from my visage and don some more. As I was pulling my precious jewels of the cosmetic world from my bag, I thought, "Okay, I'm not going to put this or this one. I'm ONLY going to the grocery store. No one cares." So, with that mindset, I commenced with the applying of the basic essentials. Then a thought hit me as I looked at my little vessel of MAC Sketch Eyeshadow....."Why DON'T I care about looking good?" "Who CARES if it's JUST the grocery store. I can either go to the grocery store feeling like a harried, bland, housewife, or I can stride confidently in, feeling beautiful and fresh like a woman who should be admired by the shelf stockers and flirted with by the cashiers!" Feeling a surge of morale boosting determination, I dumped my makeup contents back out and took the mere 5 minutes to finish making my face and skin look radiant, my eyes look smoky and sultry, and my outlook on life sublime!
I wonder why I always tell myself to "wait for special occasions" to turn the volume up on the glamour? When I know that I look stunning, I act stunning. Think about the last time you looked smashing! How did your day go? How did you treat those around you? How did it feel to get ready that day? Were you excited? Did you want to show yourself off to your friends and family? Did you hope people would notice and compliment? Did they? When I physically take the extra few minutes to pamper myself, it is a concrete token of my regard for myself. It means I believe I'm WORTH the extra time and effort. I don't have to wait for special occasions to use that super expensive makeup. I don't have to wait until a date with my husband (I'm lucky if I get one of those every couple of months) to wear that super sexy top. I can get up tomorrow 5 MINUTES earlier, and that five minutes will change my whole entire day.
Thus, tomorrow is a special occasion, ladies. Make sure you're dressed for it.


  1. I've noticed that too. As cliche and "female" as it might sound. Taking that 5 minutes you spoke of, can turn me from the grumpy person at the desk, into the happy CSA who can conquer the sales world with a bend and snap that will break your effin' neck.

    The difference? My sales are money in my pocket. So what if it came from an extra swipe of covergirl compact confidence.

    We don't have the "wash -n- go" convenience (read: Naivity) that the menfolk enjoy. So what? Embrace it. Wield that mascara wand...like a... well... wand.

    I'll even use a makeup slogan to end, "because you're worth it."

  2. That is precisely what your corsets do to me. SO addicting! The power!

  3. Oh Sketch. You are my most favorite of the MAC reddish purples.

    I seriously use that color for almost everyone I do makeup for if they need a smoky eye. That shadow is FIERCE.

    Also, that photo is marvelous.

  4. Heh, my philosophy already. Every day should be a party day! SO dress up, glam up, make yourself feel awesome.

    Then again, I am the freak who wanders about town in full costume for no reason other than I woke up and felt like getting dressed up like I was going to a carnival/ren fair/vintage re-enactment/auditioning for the circus (lol)

    That said, I don't often bother with makeup. I have glasses, they hide it all anyway ahahaha.

    It's great to feel sexy though, or at least feel like you stand out. I love love love the stares, even if some of them are probably "oh my god what the hell is that woman doing wearing goggles and a frock coat!?"

    Why not dress up to go to the store? I know I do, because it makes me feel better about myself. When i'm feeling low, I get dressed up all glam and off I go. It's liberating.

  5. I'm the biggest believer in the 5 minute makeup! I told myself that if I can glam it up & go all out for work at the MAC counter then I can do it for days off at home with the kids. I run into customers outside of work all the time & wouldn't want to disappoint them by being less than my glamourous MAC self. BTW when you come for the Portland Pirate festival you should make a wish list for the fairy Mac mother to bring you

  6. "Tomorrow is a special occasion," I freakin love it! I am so going to adopt that as my new motto! Wish I could do the make up and look nice thing - unfortunately I don't have air conditioning in my car and its 110 in the shade here, so it gets sweated off in ten seconds flat. But I think I might take some extra time with my hair...

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  8. Wow, reading through your blog during your downtime at work...

    I have been feeling down in the dumps a little lately, this has been very inspirational for me especially with con season coming up.

    Thank you! :)