Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Yet Another Halloween Update

Ruffly Witch Corset and Queen of Hearts Costume

Okay, so the next time I think I can have goals and dreams, I should just shove them in the back of the closet of my mind, along with the hopes of being a gymnast (that died when I was eight and realized that I wasn't exactly...coordinated...or awesome.) and being a ballerina (that dream died when I was twelve and discovered that I weighed 150 pounds...rather than 50). This time, I wanted to somehow stock inventory for two of my biggest festivals, create a whole entire magazine from scratch that was awesome and professional, get a brand new shiny website up and running, complete with cart options and new pictures for all of my styles and designs, AND amass an army of seductive quality-filled Halloween costumes to sell on etsy. All of that was supposed to happen last month...I even had a planning meeting with my employees!!! (or rather, my brother (secretary) my husband(costume cutter and grommeteer extraordinaire) my best friend (makes bustles like no one's business) and my sister-in-law (2nd seamstress in command). We all sat down with a bag of three-musketeers and those little tortilla, cream cheese pinwheels, and we discussed AT LENGTH how we could make this Halloween NOT SUCK. *sigh*

As everyone can tell, none of my goals have been reached. I can be honest here. Sometimes, your best just isn't good enough. wah, wah.

However, I DID want you to know that the magazine is about 1/3 done, and it's soo cool. It looks like a REAL magazine, and they're going to all have "$10 off coupons" in the back. I mean, SERIOUSLY cool.

We ARE unveiling the Halloween line on etsy next Wednesday (the 8th) and even though it will start out as "custom fit to you items" we'll actually have a massive stock of them when I get back from my festival, so you can just click on them, purchase them, and I will send the one you purchased right out!

The website IS done, we just need to send a few more pictures, and then it will be published.

We DO have some profusely splendid costumes stocked for our next festivals in Oregon. Ladies, or Oregon, bring lots of money.

In the meanwhile, I need to get back to work and not stop until 10 tonight, when I crash into bed exhausted and wake up at 4 the next morning for another day of the same.


  1. Why do I live all the way in Vermont!? Oh yeah, cause it's freakin' gorgeous! I digress, my next vacation, if I ever can afford one, is seriously going to be to Oregon or Las Vegas or somewhere you go so I can stalk you, I mean look at all your pretty corsets and skirts. ;)

    Oh yeah, and those goal things... I firmly believe they exist just to taunt and tease you. Sorta like some fairies I know. I'm working on a a few projects right know that just do not want to cooperate!
    <3 Meghan

  2. Michelle, I am SO excited about seeing your latest work! You always have such AMAZING stuff and it amazes me how talent and creative skills you have. I am really looking forward to seeing your Belle. I have my own party and entertainment company now and was just saying to myself how cute it would be if I had a gold corset to go with a bustled skirt and I knew JUST the woman to go to!!! You can bet your bottom dollar that I am going to be ordering from you very soon! I can't believe you're not posting them up until NEXT WEEEEEEK!! Well that still gives me a little time before haunted castle then! :) I wish you guys were coming to HC ! You should really consider coming one of these years, I think you would do so well!!! Its a different crowd than the OKRF crowd thats for sure! We miss you here in Muskogee! Can't wait to see more beautimus things from you!!!

  3. You are amazing! Keep being wonderful you.

  4. Portland Pirate Festival can't come soon enough! :D As much as I'll hate not being unique in a sea of people in red hooded corsets, I love mine so much that I can't blame them for wanting to have one, too! :P Yay!

  5. Dang, I just moved from Oregon to Arizona! Actually the Shrewsburry Renaissance Faire was where I first saw your stuff and thought it was the greatest. I have not been able to buy anything yet, but have been following your blog ever since just waiting until I have some extra money. Your Halloween costumes look awesome!

  6. Do you know yet around when PST the Halloween costumes will be posted? So excited! I can't wait to see the Alice in Wonderland ones especially... :D

    You do so much! I don't know how you manage so many things at once, but your work is absolutely awesome. ^.^

  7. I can't wait to see you folks in Las Vegas in October. I've been preparing my husband with the knowledge that I will be dropping some cash whilst there.

    As a kid, I always wanted to do things that were only for short people. I dreamt of being a jockey, a gymnast, and a figure skater. Unfortunately, being 6' tall at 13 put a real damper on my plans.

    Don't worry about doing 50+ things at once. Until we develop the technology to clone ourselves and really multitask, we'll forgive you for not being perfect :-)

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  9. Even if all of your goals haven't been reached, I'm sure the Halloween line is going to be gorgeous. We also promise to be quite patient with the magazine and website. Take your time, because if you don't you'll wish things had come out differently after you post them both. Perfection takes time and you never deliver anything less!

    (BTW, I haven't been on your Etsy in a few weeks, but I'm loving the pirate corsets and the feathered collar jacket- it is seriously HOT and I wish with all my heart that I had money to spend right now!)

  10. But just think - if you didn't set your goals all the way up beyond "Humanly Impossible" your business would only be half as awesome as it is.

    Oh - and Meghan and I obviously need to plan a Road Trip to stalk you. She can pick me up in Far far Upstate NY on her way to your next festival. ;)

  11. Michelle, it was such a pleasure meeting you yesterday at the Shrewsbury Ren-Faire! Your philosophy on life, randomness, and overwhelming style-awesomeness were the reasons that I left your booth with a sweet new corset!

    After looking at your schedule, it looks like you'll be at the Pirate Festival in Portland next weekend! All I can say to this is "omgomgyay!" I would have bought more to add on to my costume whilst there, but alas... So anyway, you'll be at the Pirate Festival and I know one girl (with a shiny new golden corset) who will be stopping by the booth to sequester a fab new addition to the "costume-in-progress!"

    See ya next weekend!

  12. Pretty much ditto what Lindsey just said, I'm so glad I found the booth from which all the gorgeous corsets walking by my booth came! And I will see you at the Pirate Fair! Perhaps I can get some of those super cool wrist ruffle things....

  13. Deadlines, Smeadlines... I always set way too many lofty goals for myself, and I never reach them by their deadlines. I simply take comfort in doing my best and knowing that those things will get done (even if it's a few days or weeks later than i expected). The most important thing is that one has their priorities straight, and you definitely do - just keep moving forward and you'll be fine. :)

    PS. LOVE the halloween collection!

  14. hmmm, how far away is Oregon from SC... consarn it! I want to try them oooooonn!! Waaaahhhh. Well, I guess I just have to trust the general awesomeness that is ditd. I am still holding out to purchase my corset from the new site, i cant wait!

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