Tuesday, November 9, 2010


No, I'm not talking about job promotions. I'm referring to the two COOL events we have going on in our artfire and etsy shops! For the next couple of weeks, I'll be featuring some beautiful new corsets as part of our Winter Steampunk Collection (You can see two of the looks on me and my lovely sister, Emma, above!). I've got some sweet new designs that are very rock-star-steampunk-militia looking. *drool* On ARTFIRE, we'll be having our Ugly Corset Sale! Well, honestly, most of them aren't really ugly. They're just fabrics that haven't been as popular (because they're not freaking black or red.) OR they are fabrics that are only left in small scraps. I'm selling the corsets at about $20 to $50 cheaper than I would at festivals. I'm not "marking them up" and then "having a sale" on them either. I want them to move out of the shop, FAST.

so, take a look at the marvelous offerings. If my blog is working properly, you should see a mini-window for artfire along the top, and a side window for the etsy shop. Keep checking etsy all of this week to see the neat Steamunk Corseted Jackets and just really dang sexy stuff. If you have a quirky, odd side of you, go and check out the sale on artfire!

Thank you tremendously for all of your support. I'm working on some SERIOUSLY good ways to thank you guys (It will most likely be some sweet coupons only for the blog readers and facebook fans)


  1. I decided to check your blog right when you were putting up your new selection. I started shouting for my nephew to bring me my wallet! I think I spent the last hour hitting refresh on my computer screen! I think I'm going be very poor before this month is over. Between your lovely corsets and paying for school? Yes very poor indeed.

    I love love your red pirate corsair corset, but not because it makes me think of pirates. Nope it's making me think madly of tattoos and Mad Men. Were it only in my size and possibly in green.

  2. WOW!!!! I thought you were putting up "UGLY" Corsets!!?? I love them! I will continue to keep an eye out for new listings, but I am happy to say I have already started purchasing the "UGLY" ones!

    Can't wait to see what other goodies come up!!!

  3. What "ugly" corsets? They're all gorgeous! I want several, but I think I'm going to have to pick and choose carefully. The credit card company will be very happy if I buy all the ones that I want, but Hubby might not. :)

  4. Steampunk?!?!?! *Passes out from glee overdose* Seriously, wow. I must have at least one from the new collection... and I've been feeling like I have a serious lacking in my skirt collection... I must have several of those minis!

  5. Seriously I don't get how the sage and gold or gray and purple could be "ugly" I love those!

  6. Rockstar-winter steampunk-militia Damsel corset is worth my food budget for the week and possibly my self-respect.

    Yes, yes, yes pleasepleasePLEASE

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