Thursday, February 10, 2011

Best Video Ever

Thank you SOOOO much for bringing steampunk out into the mainstream world!


  1. Well shoot! You know what this means right? All the teeny boppers are going to be all over steampunk! Well I guess I better prepare for 3 years of the quality of my conventions going down again. The same thing happened when there was a boom in the anime industry.

    Not to mention the quality of the Steampunk items is gonna go down because everybody's trying to cash in on the craze! Well it's good news for you though! Even more corset sales! Although personally I think the bullet belts will sell best.
    Well rant over! Thanks for sharing the video!
    Do I spy the League of Steam in this video too?

  2. I love the video, and I love how the Steampunk is done right, but I'm not thrilled about it coming into the mainstream world. I don't want to see a burst in non-quality Steampunk.
    Like dracotelitha said, I'm not looking forward to seeing the teeny bopper Steampunk, especially if they're going to make it slutty.

    And yes, that is The League of Steam. =)

  3. Steampunk is everywhere it seems now! My uncle was playing a gig last night (Anti Valentines Day concert haha) with a band who's outfits were Steampunk themed. I wish I had known about it before 2 hrs prior to the event so I could have showed up in my DitD corset/skirt/steampunk attire!! :( Oh well.

    I hope teenboppies don't ruin steampunk with slutty hot topic costumes! I remember when the CNkiddies flooded anime cons.....

  4. Yeah - It's funny how many of the people I know in the video. A bunch of steampunk folks from GA happened to be in the right place at the right time.

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